In Honor of Self-Love

When I was ten years old, my oldest sister got a record player. You know the kind that you could carry everywhere? Her’s was blue and I wanted that thing…baaaaad. Well, I wasn’t allowed to touch it, according to my sister. Every Saturday I would patiently wait for her to leave for baton lessons and […]

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The Real Reason You Were Born

Do you want to know the real reason you were born? The reason that will make your life “make sense” and give you so much joy and peace that you will feel like you can do anything. No more doubting or worrying about the future. No more confusion about the direction you should take in […]

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My Word for 2014 is Love

I did it. Did you? Did you let it all go last night? My friend Bonnie Barnard and I did. Check out our “party” last night. Say it with me: Burn Baby Burn. By the way, at the very end of the video you’ll see LOVE, My WORD for the YEAR. It’s a word I […]

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A New Year’s Eve Tradition

Dates matter to me. They just do.I like the imaginary line between 11:59pm of one day and 12:01am of the next. That line called MIDNIGHT has been a huge motivator in my life. Especially MIDNIGHT on December 31st because I REFUSE to take anything I do not want into my next year. REFUSE I TELL […]

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Eliminate Stress From Your Vocabulary

If there’s one word I’d like to eliminate from our vocabulary it’s the word: Stress! Because what is stress? Emotions unresolved, not faced, stuffed down, ignored and betrayed. Stress only happens when we are not listening to ourselves, the deepest most soulful space that knows, trusts, loves. The world tells you to manage your stress. […]

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What are the Last Words You Want to Hear?

You only get to hear the last words out of someone’s mouth once. Rarely do you know it will be their last words to you. It’s usually not a thought in your head. My mother’s last words were: “No. Ron. Don’t.” Her last attempt at saving my life while hers was slipping away. Before those […]

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Starting Over's Rhonda Britten helps Jessica break through bricks in order to get through her anger

Ready to Face Your Anger?

Today is 9/11. A day filled with undone dreams and squashed realities. A day where unresolved anger, for some of us, still lives. A day that reminds us everything can be gone in a flash. This is the day that should bring us to our feet and cause us to shout: LIVE FREE. With a […]

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