You Are Worth Loving


Loving Yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Period.

There is nothing more value, nothing more important, nothing more worthy of your time, your energy, your passion than learning to love yourself. It will change – literally – the fabric of your life.

For clarity, loving yourself is more than taking a bath or giving yourself a gift. Those are pieces of the puzzle but those things are not enough.

Oh love.

Here’s your homework for today:
Write yourself a love note. (We will get to a love letter later 🙂 Start with a sentence or two.

Acknowledge something you do well or give yourself credit for some effort you have made. Start somewhere…

And keep putting those lovely pieces of paper with all those loving acts – you’ve been doing or receiving – into your jar. (See blog post ‘How Much Love? for video explaining ‘the jar.’)

Today I want to tell you something:
You are worth loving.

This beautiful phrase from my dear friend Orna Matthews (you’ll have a chance to meet her later this month.) is what held me up during my last heartache.

She helped me remember the real truth: that I am worth loving. And as it’s true for me, it’s true for you.

We ARE worth loving.

So lets do it. Lets love.
And I love you!


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I can't write myself a love note. I just can't. I don't feel worthy of it. I don't even feel likeable right now. It's as if I'm two different people: on one hand, I am a courageous, staunch, go-getter of a social justice activist - in LA's Skid Row community, at that. Well, as a volunteer. I've been out of work for 4 years, dependent on my father, which feels awful. I've accepted this for myself (ME?? How?) and have done little to change or improve it. Out of fear of not having my basic needs met, I manipulate, exaggerate, or are sometimes less than honest. There's a little more over the years, but how merely likeable is this stuff?