Which Past Rules Your Future?

Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future. You Do!

Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future. You Do!

Do you ever use your past as an excuse? Do you recite your past as proof that you aren’t ‘good enough’ or don’t think you can succeed at something? Is there any part of you that believes that if you didn’t have your past, your life would be better?

My Horrid Past:
Fired from waitress job. Arrested three times for driving under the influence. Worked in the laundry during stint in jail. Three suicide attempts. A stay in a psyche ward. Unable to have children. Husband left. Sole witness to murder of mother and suicide of father. Took 25 years to graduate from college. Alcoholic. Nightmares for 14 years every single night. Failed cheerleader tryouts.

My Magnificent Past:
Full scholarship to college. Won Soap Box Derby Queen. Leading scorer on basketball team. Accepted into prestigious music school. Junior Class President. First life coach on TV. National Bestselling author x 4. Appeared on Oprah (more than once). Emmy Award-winner. Viewed by 3 million people a day on “Starting Over.” Seen worldwide in over 600 episodes of reality television.

Now, I know which past I focus on.
Which one of your pasts do you focus on?


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