Whew! I made it!

Thoughtfulness is one of the keys to connection.

I just want to stop for a minute and express my gratitude to everyone who sent a birthday wish to me this year. What a joy it was to read your wishes for my year to come….my heart just flew open in gratitude.

The Starting Over Production Team gets a huge gratitude. Not only did someone secretly decorate my office ( which I LOVED ) but they also greeted me throughout the day with birthday wishes. In fact, no one walked by me all day without saying, “Happy Birthday Rhonda.” What a gift!

The office staff made sure I was full as well by delivering not one, not two but three cakes to my office complete with singing and candles that refused to blow out.

Some would think because I was working all day on my birthday it would hamper my day, but in reality, it didn’t at all! The day I turned 45 turned into one of the days in my life when I felt most loved…it wasn’t just the cards, the cake and the decorations…it was the continuous thoughtfulness of the Starting Over House Production Team reminding me that Dec 1 was my special day.

Thank you everyone who loved me a little more on my birthday!

You might be asking how did everyone know it was my birthday? I told them. ( Smile! ) I couldn’t expect people to guess. That would have been an expectation and disappointment would have surely followed.

Take charge of making your day special. Share your desires with others. Ask for what you want. And maybe, just maybe, you will get more than you imagined because you will feel loved.