Wheels Certified

Get certified to support others in mastering emotional fear…YOU can COACH the WHEELS! Attend the Fearless Foundation Workshop, Wheels Workshop and work with one of our highly trained Mentors to learn our trademarked process called the Wheels.

Wheels Certified is a new distinction created especially for professional coaches, therapists, self development professionals and those committed to helping others who currently hold a degree or a certification. If you want to add this powerful tool to your tool box, our Wheels Approval Program is for you.

The influence of FEAR is prevalent in every aspect of our society. Fear does not discriminate. It takes more than personal development, education, money or even a ‘just do it’ mentality to master fear’s insidious manipulations. Fear has so silently muted our joy, our passion, our full expression of our soul that most don’t realize how amazing life could be!

Understanding and using the WHEEL of FEAR and the WHEEL of FREEDOM brings fear’s methods into the light and provides tools to fully engage the power of freedom back into our lives. These tools are guaranteed to impact your life and the lives of your clients!

Rhonda Britten developed the concept of the Wheels after years of working to master her own fears through her life experiences, training, and exploration. The Coaches trained through the Fearless Living Institute receive extensive support in learning the dynamics and the power of the Wheels, how to implement this knowledge into their own lives, and how to coach their clients to do the same.

Wheels work and Wheels Certification will:

  • Give you a specific niche: Fear Expert
  • Increase your tool kit with a methodology you can’t get anywhere else
  • Support you in being part of our Fearless Family
  • Increase your visibility through Rhonda’s media exposure.
  • Another avenue for marketing. You will be listed on the FLI website as Wheels Certified.
  • Open the door to “live the life your soul intended.”
  • Expose the way Fear manipulates us
  • Allow you and your clients to master fear
  • Build a relationship with fear so it never stops you or your clients again!

When you become Wheels Certified, you will belong to an elite group of individuals who know how to help others master their emotional fears using the exclusive Wheel of Fear and Wheel of Freedom methodology that absolutely works!

The Wheels Approval Program is a three-step process. Each step is incredibly powerful, and collectively these three steps will rock your personal and professional world!

1. Attend our Fearless Foundation Weekend, where you will get to personally walk through the work and implement it into your own life.
2. Attend our Wheels Workshop, where Rhonda Britten goes deeply into the organic process of the Wheels.
3. Work with one of our masterful Fearless Living Mentors, as they support you to in utilizing the Wheels with your clients, students, etc.

Learn more about the Wheels Certification Process. When you have made the decision to take your ability to support others in transforming their lives to a new level complete the Application and Application Fee