Wheels Certification Process

Policies and Procedures

Step 1: Fearless Foundation Workshop – Take a personal journey through the foundational process of building a life in Freedom! Within these 3 days you will gather dozens of tools for growth and transformation.

Step 2: Wheels Workshop – Dive into the depths of where our Wheels can take us! On one level the Wheels are a very simple process for understanding how fear and freedom works in our live. In application, the Wheels take on a life of their own and we begin to see multiple layers and patterns. We being to have questions and we want to search out all the possibilities that they have to offer.

Step 3: The Application

Step 4: Train with a CFLC Mentor – The Mentor Package Fee is $750. Additional mentor hours are $125 per hour. You have the opportunity to work with a CFLC Mentor! Your mentor will observe you working with a client through understanding the wheels, identifying their own wheels, and beginning their personal integration of the wheels.

A preview of what your process might look like is:

Session 1: Orientation with your Mentor
Make arrangements with a Client Study
Session 2: Discuss strategies for identifying and integrating the Wheel of Fear
Session 3: Review an audio of you coaching the Wheel of Fear
Session 4: Discuss strategies for identifying and integration the Wheel of Freedom– sometimes this can be covered in session 3
Session 5: Review an audio of you coaching the Wheel of Freedom

After each Review, both you and your mentor will fill out an Evaluation. Skills will be evaluated on a 1-10 scale, and strengths and growth opportunities will be listed. At the end of the Mentor Wheel of Freedom Evaluation Form, your Mentor will indicate if you are Wheels Certified. You may be asked to work more than one client through this process in order to be Certified. If that is the case:

You will be required to pay additional mentor fees for additional mentor calls.
You will receive a list of specific items your Mentor wants you to work on and possibly have a session to review these items
A session to review a 2nd audio of you coaching the Wheel of Fear
A session to review a 2nd audio of you coaching the Wheel of Freedom
The same evaluation process is repeated

As a Wheels Certified individual you give yourself the opportunity to support others in fully utilizing the Wheels within their lives. There is no other tool that’s so powerful and succinctly enables us to master fear and step into abundant living!

Fearless Foundation Weekend $695; FFW Teleclass $TBD
Wheels Workshop $995; Wheels Teleclass $TBD
Application Fee $375 ($300 for FLI members)
Mentor Package $750 (minimum)