Virginia Tech Support Call

I just hung up from talking to folks from all over the world about the tragedy of Virginia Tech. It was 90 minutes of sharing, caring and confessing. Some people live in Virginia and are directly affected by the event while others live miles away yet are nonetheless moved.

Everyone on the line wanted something from the call whether it was validation for their feelings, how to deal with a child who lost a friend at Tech or what to do with the chaos at work with the increased number of bomb scares at Universities around the country.

The world is in fear, the catalyst to express it or face it may have been Virginia Tech, but it lies within us all the time. It is up to us to decide to not only stop the external violence we breed by being rude, unloving, uncaring, etc but also to stop the internal violence we do to ourselves day in and day out.

Internal violence? Yes, internal violence. Calling ourselves names. Putting ourselves down by labeling ourselves. Saying no to our dreams, desires, needs. Just generally not liking ourselves, who we are and what we do. Comparing, competing, justifying. You name it. We do it.

Listen in on the Virginia Tech discussions I led in April:
Audio Stream from April 19
Audio Stream from April 26

Remember to practice compassion…for yourself, for the victims, for the country, for the world….

Notice, I said compassion for yourself first. 🙂