TV Here I Come

The world of TV has its ups and downs. There are cancellations and renewals. I have lived through both. In the past month, I have been approached by three different tv shows. It has been thrilling to have multiple conversations at the same time with various production companies. Well, one has emerged the victor.

VH1 Celebrity Fit Club

I will begin taping on Tuesday, September 15th. I know, I know.

I was told on Friday they would be making an offer and was I available. Well, yes EXCEPT for a booksigning and a dinner event – both part of Fearless America Tour in Minneapolis, MN – my home state.

So of course, lawyer leaves multiple messages and emails during the booksigning – natch. Then, the deal is being completed during the dinner event – of course. When it rain, it pours. I did stay focus on the people at hand and the task before me: these folks were having dinner with me to spend time with me. That’s code for: COACH ME!

And I did. With my phone buzzing turning bright blue while stuck in my bra strap. Yes, it’s true. I did stick it there for ease.

Anywoo, I landed tonight back in Denver. Now I am calmly, but with great speed, packing my car – stuffing it really with whatever I find – shoes, earrings, spanxs (teehee). I’m off in the morning driving toward LA. Hoping to arrive by noon on Monday since I think it would be a good idea to meet the crew before I start shooting with them the next day. Just a thought.

Be on the lookout on my twitter for clues as to what I am up to during this new adventure. Here’s to changing lives on television once again. Stay tuned.