Today is America’s Birthday

Today is America’s Birthday. The day we declared our freedom two hundred and thirty-six years ago. It was a hard fight, a battle of wills, to win – to claim – our freedom. The good news: we did it.

 When you do something once, it can be done again. The experience changes your genes, your cells. It changes what’s possible for everyone. It can become the norm.

Think of the four-minute mile. Until Roger Bannister did it, it was unheard of. Considered impossible. The second Roger did it, others followed suit. Loads of others. Running the four-minute mile is considered the norm for elite runners.

Think of the last few years and all the nations seeking their own freedom. Once you get a taste of it, you want more. You want it to be your norm.

Freedom: Free to be true to your own destiny, your own inner guidance, your own truth. Free to be who you are meant to be.

Two hundred and thirty-six years ago, our forefathers had to put it all on the line. Had to put their quest for freedom above all else. It took years. It was harder than they thought. And they had each other.

How did they do it? They had to stay focused. Get past their differences. Go for a common goal. They had to decide their commitment was worth facing their fear. They had to practice being fearless (even when they didn’t feel fearless.)

And that’s what it takes for anyone to have the freedom they seek: commitment, focus, and, most important, support.

You need commitment so you have the courage to face whatever feeling, thought, person, situation is between you and your goal.

You need focus so you don’t get sidetracked by those same feelings, thoughts, people and situations.

And you need support because you won’t remember how amazing you are, how fearless you are, when you are in the midst of facing your fear. See, when you are in the muck and mire, you don’t feel particularly fearless. Others have to remind you that you are.

So I do that for you today. I remind you that you are fearless. That freedom is your birthright, it’s in your genes, in your cells. It’s been done before. It can be your norm.

Think about an area of your life that you want to experience more freedom. Do you want to feel more loved? More powerful? More successful? What about healthier, wealthier and respected?

What do you want – right now – more than anything? Where do you want to feel more free in your life?

I have an idea. Let’s turn America’s Birthday into your PERSONAL Fearless Freedom Day. Please share the area of your life that you want to experience more freedom. (Where you need to be more fearless.) The only way any area of your life is going to change is by you deciding to change it.

My client Cheryl wants to feel more freedom in her finances. (It is her third attempt at owning her own business.) She’s bogged down by her past failures and secretly fears that she’ll screw it up again.

Freddie is sick of compromising in her relationship. Sure, she fantasizes about leaving but she loves her husband, she’s just not happy. All she wants is freedom to love herself as well as love another.

Larry has been working for the same company for the past fifteen years and wants to take over his bosses job when he retires next year. He wants more freedom in speaking up and asking for what he wants.

Now, it’s your turn. What area of your life could you use some more freedom?

Please share the area of your life where you want to shake off fear and stay yes to you.  Where could you use some fearless muscle? Please share that area of your life in the comment section below.

When you claim it, it becomes more real, more possible. It can become your norm.

You could start off by saying:

I claim more freedom in ___________

Or: I am done feeling small, so I claim my bigness in _________________

Or: I’m ready to kick some behind in the area of _____________________

You get the drift. Use your own words but CLAIM SOMETHING.

It’s a privilege to be your Certified Fearless Living Coach. Remember, you must claim the freedom you seek below if you want to make it happen. I am so excited to turn this national holiday into your personal Fearless Freedom Day.

Let’s learn from our forefathers. Let’s get focused, committed and fearless! And let’s do it together.

Claim your personal Fearless Freedom Day now. Share it below.


I am ready to kick some behind in the area of surrender and learn to embrace God's Faithfulness!

Louise Bernard
Louise Bernard

I am willing to let go of my attack thoughts, my thoughts of blame and hate against myself and GOD and to be free to open my heart and mind to TRUE FORGIVENESS and LOVE. I don't want to be at war with myself and my GOD anymore. I am willing to free myself from my attachment to negative thoughts of limitation, victimization, hate, blame, guilt and ultimatly fear of punishment. I am already FREE and i am willing to remember and share FREEDOM with ALL. I am so Grateful to remember WHO WE ARE!


I am done feeling like I shouldn't ask for what I need, so I am claiming the freedom to receive without feeling guilty or unworhty of receiving everything I ask for @sheryl silbaugh