Tick-Tock Tick-Tock….

Two days and counting until the release of my fourth book: Do I Look Fat in This? Get Over Your Body and On With Your Life. And I’m nervous….

Nervous about what you might be asking? Well, nervous that no one will like it, nervous that it will be forgotten on the shelf, nervous my message won’t matter….just like you I get nervous about life-changing events even if they are good ones!

So I thank my Wheel of Fear for reminding me that I am oh-so-very-human and take a breath and remember that the healing is in the writing. I needed to write this book for me, to heal my body image, to learn to love my body (and myself) better, to appreciate who I am. I remind myself to trust the process and that it isn’t any of my business what happens now. My job is to show up, do the work and stay open… and breathe.

I know that my Wheel of Freedom wrote this book. I know that it is my most vulnerable book to date. I know that it will do what it needs to do to get where it needs to go for all those who need it. Somewhere I know this….somewhere inside of me knows all is well. And in between those moments of knowingness, I forget and get nervous all over again.

Ahhhh….humanity. I love it so. Two days and counting…..breathe Rhonda breathe!