Wheels Workshop

Rhonda Britten, bestselling author and creator of the only system for mastering emotional fears, leads you through a purposeful, inspirational weekend that will transform your life.

Become Wheels Certified

Wheels Certified is a new distinction created especially for professional coaches, therapists, self development professionals and those committed to helping others. When you become Wheels Certified, you will belong to an elite group of individuals who know how to help others master their emotional fears using the exclusive Wheel of Fear and Wheel of Freedom methodology that absolutely works! And once you are Wheels Certified, you can be listed on this website letting the world know you know how to master fear!

To become Wheels Certified you must attend the Fearless Foundation Workshop and the Wheels Workshop within one year and integrate what you have learned with a CFLC Mentor Coach (in as few as six sessions). Once you are approved, you will earn the distinction of “Wheels Certified” placing you in a group of elite individuals who are committed to setting the world free of fear.

Join Us!

This free-form, interactive workshop is an open forum. Rhonda follows no workbook, lesson plan, or set schedule. She moves at the pace of the group, filling in the back-story on how she created the wheels, what they’re about, and why they work.

Though the Wheels Workshop is not intended as a hands-on exercise in changing your own Wheel of Fear or Wheel of Freedom, it will give you a deeper knowledge of how the Wheels came to be and their purpose in our lives.

Discussion will center on how particular fears manifest. You’ll learn each wheel in depth, so you can more easily identify other people’s wheels in personal and professional life.

If you enjoy in-depth, active learning and roaming conversations that address the work revealed in the moment, the Wheels Workshop will compel you and support you in understanding true Fearlessness.

Plan Ahead!

Regular Prices
$995 General Public
$796 FLI Members
$250 non-refundable deposit will reserve your seat!

Full payment of the remaining balance is due 3 weeks prior to the date of the workshop.

Upcoming Wheels Workshops
No workshops are currently scheduled.