The Month of LOVE

There’s nothing more enticing, more engaging, more exhilarating than love. This is the month of love. A month filled with hope and possibility and also great disappointment. It is the time of year to check your fear at the door and face your beliefs about love.

What are you beliefs?

Easy. You can tell anyone beliefs by their actions. Forget what you think your beliefs are. Forget what you want to believe for now. It’s time to evaluate your actions to figure out what you really believe.

You can say you are a loving human being but have you forgiven those that drive you crazy? You can say you are for peace but when was the last time you let your anger, frustration or hurt make your decisions for you? You can say you believe everyone deserves love yet when was the last time you denied it to yourself or to another?

This is the month to tell yourself the truth. Evaluate your love meter. Check your lies at the door and face how you withhold, deny, ignore or avoid love in your life. That includes loving yourself AND loving others.

Notice the big AND. I did not say love others at the expense of loving yourself. Or love yourself above loving another. NO, I said AND. It’s time to live your beliefs. Not just think about them or fantasy what you will believe when everything is right in your world. No, it is time to live your beliefs.

Here’s to Fearless Love!