Steps to Filing a Grievance


Our vision is to provide a system and structure to maintain the foundational principles and integrity for and about the FLI organization.

Our purpose is to ensure a consistent method of orderly and prompt resolution of grievances involving individuals representing the Fearless Living Institute (FLI).


Step 1
Individuals are asked to find voluntary informal means of resolving their grievances by discussing their differences with the parties directly involved. Click here for support in having a Fearless Conversation.

Step 2
If the involved parties are unable to resolve their differences as stated above, they may receive support in finding a resolution by contacting the appropriate FLI representative who will assist them in seeking a common ground for voluntary adjustment of the issue. The FLI representative will ask for:

* Written copies of all related facts and documents supporting the grievance.
* A description of the desired resolution being sought by the person filing the grievance.
* Name and contact information of the other person involved in the grievance.

FLI Representatives:
Fearless Book Group concerns: Sheri Petersen
Coaching (CFLC/FLC) concerns: Rosie Laughlin
Program Candidate (PC)/ Mentor concerns: Jerilyn Thiel
Workshop/Facilitator concerns: Bill Grout
General Grievance (other) concerns: Shelly Archuleta

Step 3
In the event that a person does not find satisfactory resolution with the support of a FLI representative, that person may submit an official grievance to the Grievance Council by filling out an official grievance form. The person filing the grievance must supply a phone number and email by which a response from the Grievance Council shall be delivered.

A) Guidelines for Grievances:

1) Grievances will be accepted only after receiving the completed grievance form on this website. Click here for grievance form Any additional
documentation that has not been given to the FLI representative in step 2 must be submitted at this time to be considered by the Council.

2) Grievances will be reviewed which are filed within 6 months of the actual event. You are encouraged not to wait, as memories fade, and the
longer you wait; there is less of a chance of a satisfying resolution.

3) Anonymous grievances will not be accepted.
It is vitally important for the person filing the grievance to identify their own fears in this situation. Gaining clarity will support you in speaking your
truth, thereby supporting you to live by what FLI honors most: freedom and integrity where we all get to learn to master our own fears. Therefore, all grievances require contact information.

4) Grievance statements must include:
* Information concerning the attempts made by the person having the grievance to first resolve the concern informally.
* Information as to the results of such attempts.

5) The Grievance Council shall notify the person filing the grievance by e-mail or telephone within 3 days of receiving a written grievance as to
their acceptance of the concern and the anticipated date of the next Grievance Council meeting.

6) Within 30 days of the grievance being delivered, the Grievance Council will review the grievance documentation including, but not limited to, the
original written grievance, email communication, documentation from the FLI representative involved and an outline of the ongoing concern.

7) A written response including actions for resolution shall be delivered via email of the person filing the grievance within 10 days of the Grievance
Council meeting.

B. Appeals: In the event that a person filing the grievance is unsatisfied with the the Council’s response, they may appeal the Council’s decision in writing by filling out an appeal form. Only NEW information may be submitted which has occurred since the grievance was filed. The Grievance Council shall review all documentation one additional time and make the final decision regarding the grievance that shall be binding.

C. Examples of Grievable Situations
* Situations related to integrity
* Situations related to financial responsibility
* Situations related to abuse by any FLI representative, including and not limited to any Coach, Program Candidate, Mentor, Facilitator, Fearless Book
Group Leader, or Staff member.

Click here if you have questions about whether your concerns are appropriate for the Grievance Council.