Starting Over

Many of you have watched Rhonda Britten in action as America’s favorite life coach for three seasons on the Emmy Award–winning reality drama, Starting Over.

Sadly, Starting Over has been cancelled yet there are many ways you can start over…..

Listen to Rhonda and Dr. Stan….
Dr. Stan and Rhonda – Radio – 5 min
Dr. Stan and Rhonda – Radio – 45 min

Do you want to Start Over?

If you’re a Starting Over fan and would like to apply some of Rhonda’s techniques to your own life, there are so many ways to begin. Read Rhonda’s book Change Your Life in 30 Days, join a Fearless Book Group (many are free) and/or become a Fearless Living Institute (FLI) Member and join Rhonda on her monthly member calls. That’s just one of the benefits of membership. You’ll find more information about membership here.

As Rhonda always says, “the work is what matters”. So just because Starting Over is no more doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do. We encourage you to check out our website. We know there is something here for you.

Learn from Rhonda….

Now that Starting Over is cancelled, Rhonda is able to teach for the first time in five years. She is leading the Fearless Year – Fearless Life Teleclass (listed under Special Events) that includes twelve monthly teleclasses. Each month she will reveal and unravel the reasons why any of us get stuck and what to do about it. So if you have ever been stuck, this might be just the teleclass to help you unstick for good.

And the good news? If you missed a month or two or five, you can still sign up for Fearless Year – Fearless Life and receive all the audio links to the teleclasses you missed. Example: If you sign up in March, you will be able to jump on the phone for the rest of the year (March – December) but you will also be able to receive audio links for the months of January and February. Pretty sweet.

Rhonda has never taught this class before so if you want to know all the ways your Wheel of Fear can keep you stuck, don’t miss this teleclass.

What was Starting Over?

Starting Over was daytime’s first reality series; the number-one rated show in the top markets for women ages eighteen to forty-nine. The show followed a group of six women who were ready to revamp their lives with the help of life coaching and therapy— all while living together under the same roof.

Rhonda, fellow Life Coach Iyanla Vanzant, and Consulting Psychologist Dr. Stan Katz outlined the women’s goals and devised exercises that helped them achieve their dreams. As each woman realized her aspirations, or came to understand that she wasn’t up to the challenge, she’d leave the house and a new woman arrived.