Spinning Wheels

Being in love is bringing up my Wheel of Fear big time.

Right now I am helping Mr. Love-A-Lot work on his house. In other words, I am sanding, priming and painting the walls (and trim, yuck!) of his townhouse. Sure, I get to help pick out the paint but having a project of this magnitude in the infancy of our relationship…well, let’s just say we haven’t been staring into each other eyes night after night like we were just a mere month ago.

Instead, dry wall dust covers every inch of his house, including the both of us. We are wearing clothes that are covered in …well, basically goop. Yucky goop…I must be in love!

But as you well know, life is just a reflection of what is going on inside of us…so as we tear down Mr. Love-A-Lots walls I am asking myself what do I need to tear down within me? What needs to be spruced up a bit, reevaluated? What perceptions about myself need to renovated, altered?

I am realizing that I have worked so hard for so many years that relishing this so-called down time isn’t so easy. I have to work (there I go again) on letting go and relaxing….

So here I am trying not to work while working harder than I ever have before….sound familiar? I vote for gentleness, compassion and never ending patient self-love…that’s what I am working on…and you?