Recovery Rhonda

It has been two weeks since the marathon and I am still riding high with pride and humility. Pride because I finished the race and humble because of all the support I received from complete strangers and YOU! We all need support and your faces, voices and hand clapping were just what I needed to make it to the finish line.

I can’t help reflecting about what that means in my life. I am asking myself what support do I have that I don’t acknowledge and what support do I need that I haven’t asked for. Ask yourself those questions. Do you have all the support you need to live the marathon called your life?

Let’s face it, we all feel, at times, that we are running a race that we can’t win. Winning the marathon was not an option for me based on my present physical status, lifestyle choice and career ambitions yet if I just focused on MY race, I could win, not for anyone else but for me.

I think of all the times I got caught worrying about what other people would think of me. I think of all the energy I have diverted because I wanted to look a certain way to somebody somewhere.

The week before the race I wasn’t fitting too well into the purple running outfit I had been training in and had designated as my race wear so I ran out and bought something new. The one thing they tell you NOT to do. (All the marathon books and coaches say, “Do not change anything on race day. Nothing.”) The night before the race I tried on my new clothes, looked in the mirror and realized that if I wore these clothes I would be doing it for my image, not for myself, not for the race.

So I showed up race day with my purple running outfit that was a tad too tight and I didn’t care. I wanted to show up as me, Rhonda. Running a marathon wasn’t a fashion show it was an opportunity for me to push myself further than ever before and experience a new level of self-expression, to find out what I was capable of, what my body was able to do.

I will never forget it. And I will never forget Kelsey and all the fans who stood on the sidelines cheering me on mile after mile. I will never forget the smile faced yellow balloons blowing in the wind calling to me at every mile marker. I will never forget the phone tree Kelsey created that let everyone know where I was so no one who wanted to cheer me on would miss the opportunity. I will never forget the kindness, the care and love. I will never forget it.

The marathon changed my relationship to my body. Each of you, standing by cheering me on, changed my life. Thank you for sharing your love with me and giving me the opportunity to receive your love.

I am grateful.