Radio Rocks!

Thank you to all of you who listened in, called with a question or attempted to call or email the station during my radio ‘audition’ last Friday. You totally rocked and made my job easy. I mean, my favorite thing to do is answer your questions and you gave me plenty of ways to do it. Again, thank you.

Your willingness to take time and share your thoughts, concerns and challenges was a gift. Dr. Stan and I had such a great time for the one hour he shared his knowledge and skills with all of us. (He rocks doesn’t he!)

During the three-hour radio show, one of the execs came into the studio and shared that he had already received phone calls from the home office (they were listening…yeah) and shared how they were loving it.

Right now, they are listening to the show again and again. And so can you. The link to the radio show is on the home page of Check it out! And then it appears that the folks and I will be talking in January.

So again, because of you, the show was a success! I am grateful for your willingness to share all of you and so grateful for your support.

I have the best fans in the world because they are FEARLESS!