Questions Rolling In

From P:
I find it surreal that someone I have never met (you) had influenced and changed my life. It all started with the starting over house and you were such a bold ‘in my face’ kind of reality check. I began to see that my baggage could fill a super tanker. I have slowly (over 3 years) crawled my way up to seeing what is mine (and that I need to own) and what is just stuff and has nothing to do with anything in the big scheme of things….. I can honestly say I have never felt more comfortable with my life. That is what I wanted to know from you years ago….how could one be comfortable with what they have, what’s on their plate at that moment in time….I am slowly carving that out from what I’ve learned, but I guess I would love to know how to be fearless with living in the moment.
Thank you for watching Starting Over but more important, thank you for taking the lessons to heart and changing your life.:)

The question you ask is a good one. What I mean by that it is subtle and deep and yet, we all get to that question eventually. We don’t start with that question. We have to have some success, some comfort, some healing before we have the courage to ask. And here you are, YOU DID!!! That means you are ready for the answer.

Fearlessly living in the moment means being aware, drinking it in, knowing it is a moment that is your life, your creation, you. So many folks don’t take credit for their life when it is going well in whatever matter and that’s because they don’t want to take credit for it when it isn’t going well. Yet, once you start to understand their is no bad or good, then life can be thrilling and amazing whether you are making a million or falling in love or being sick with the flu. Because you have something that no one else has: your ability to live inside your own skin and know what it feels like to be you, to live as you, to experience all you are in any moment.

Gratitude comes to mind. I say thank you for just about anything. Thank you for the parking space. Thank you for feeling relaxed. Thank you for the chair that fits just right. Thank you for my lovely sheets. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I know for me I had to figure out how to be happy with what is while still allowing my drive, my passion, to have a pathway for expression. See, I think most people think that once they get comfortable they will lose all drive. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, I find once you reach a certain level of success your decisions get better because fear isn’t running them as much. You can count on yourself more because you have achieved some things and been some ways that you have reached for. That is saying something.

So how does one be comfortable in the moment and still live fearlessly? Accept yourself as you. Accept all the parts of you. Accept all those nagging doubts that are there to build your awareness of where you must grow. Accept those sighs of heaven that support you with ease and grace. Accept that one moment life feels good while the next moment you aren’t sure how it feels. Regardless, claim “Life is good” and “I am willing to practice accepting myself exactly as I am right here, right now.”

Well, I could go on. Hopefully, that will give you a place to start. Email me at or at Let me know if this supports your next place. We all have the next place and that’s the fun, adventure of the unknown. Wheeeeeeeeeee!:)