Promises and Personal Growth


Promises are the backbone of integrity.

I’m guilty of ‘trying’ to keep a promise but not actually keeping it.

‘Trying to keep it’ and ‘kinda keeping it’ without renegotiating is not keeping it.

For me, I use the excuses of time and busy-ness but those don’t cut it. How about you? What excuses do you use to get out of a promise?

It’s not like I don’t have good intentions. I do. But….

When I make a promise and don’t keep it, it’s usually because the promise was impossible to keep in the first place but I wanted to be super human, somehow perform incredible feats.

Always fear sneaking in and trying to get me to be more than I am, give more than I have…

I’m a human being. And sometimes I forget that.

Be Fearless. Rhonda

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