People Change

People Change. That is for sure. I know I have.

When I was 25 years old I was an alcoholic and afraid to sleep in the dark. I had more boyfriends than I dare count. I was not proud of who I was so I changed. I worked hard at changing myself. Real hard.

I know what is true for me is also true for the people I coach and other people in my life. We all have to be willing to look at ourselves in the mirror and come to grips with who we are and face that who we are, or who we have been, is not who we want to be. That is what coaching is all about. That is what my life is dedicated to.

The same thing is true for Mr. Alabama. He has changed. He hasn’t always been the sweet, loving man he is today. He was a jerk when he was younger. He said horrible things to people and horrible things were said about him.

My life sucked growing up. As did his. As is true for most of us.

What I find so admirable about Mr. Alabama is his level of personal responsiblity; his willingness to own who he was and also claim who he wants to be. Like I said before, I don’t know if he is the one for me, or if I am the one for him. We come from very different worlds.

Yet, just like me, who he was is not who he is. And that takes courage. That takes a willingness to be humble. That takes a level of honesty that many people are not willing to have about their deeds, words, thoughts and feelings.

Like I said, who knows what will happen. That isn’t the point. The point is we are teaching each other how to be better human beings and that is a great gift to each of us.