My Body, Your Body…Every Body

Well, I have just returned from 6 days facilitating another life-altering, ground shaking, spill your guts Body Bootcamp. I can’t even begin to describe how it feels to be in a room with a group of women who are willing – fearlessly – to share their body dreams and disappointments.

Someone even came from New Zealand (now what was your excuse again?) and I know she would tell you it was more than worth it because when we heal our bodies, we truly do heal so many facets of our lives. During the past week, women dealt with death of loved ones, forgave those that have hurt them in ways you and I can’t imagine, gave up their limited beliefs (about everything) and released all that no longer served them. And they decided who they were and who they wanted to become. And started acting on it. So cool….

Finding freedom in your body rocks. Because let’s face it, our bodies, whether we want to admit it or not, determine so many things we do or don’t do with our lives. I mean, how many people do you know that use their body as an excuse not to date? or go to the gym? or run a marathon? or go to a party? or buy a new pair of jeans?

Personally, when I am not feeling good about my body the last thing I want to do is buy new clothes for the darn thing. (Thank God for Andy Paige!) And the first thing I want to do is avoid the mirror, ignore my ever growing waistline and deny that my food is becoming my feelings gauge. (Feel crappy – eat chocolate. Feel happy – celebrate with chocolate.) You get the picture.

Yes, I was teaching this past week yet when I teach, I always learn as well. It is amazing and humbling to watch the women in the room face their fears and start standing tall in who they are. Just realizing they could make different choices (rather than believe what is rolling around in their head) and seeing the way they feel about themselves alter before my eyes. It was breathtaking to witness. And witness I did. Witness their upheavals, their transformations, their truth-telling.

What an honor!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to do the work I do. I am so thankful for the opportunity to eliminate fears that are not real. I am so thankful for all the areas of growth in my life. Because when I grow, you grow. And when you grow, I grow. Because, what if there is only one of us here?

Stay fearless. Stay true.