Thank you for all your emails, thoughts, comments…it has been quite an experience reading what you are willing to share with me so thank you. Thank you for reminding me – as we all need reminding don’t we? – that what I do and what I stand for matters.

One email asked me to answer some questions. I thought I would take the time to write them out here so you too would know the answers. Here goes….

Questions from D:
1. I’ve always been curious about your desire to help others. Where does it truly come from?

That, my friend, is a good question. I was studying to become a Spiritual Practitioner when I began studying under a well-known Executive Life Coach. He would tell me quite frequently that I was going to be a better Coach than him. The fact was, I had no desire. I had no desire to have a practice of my own as a Coach or a Practitioner. I was doing all the work for my own sake, trying to make my own life better. I was lost from giving up acting and alcohol. I didn’t know what was next for me. I just kept following the path, so to speak.

Anyway, while in a meeting with my mentor I had the most unusual experience. I had a vision, I don’t know what else to call it, that gave me every answer to every question I had ever asked. It was crystal clear. I could see it all. It was as if I was being downloaded all the information I needed to make my life better. And others peoples as well.

It was that day, when being given that information, that my lives mission was also given to me. I was clearly told that my job was to help people be fearless. Now, I know, for some, this sounds crazy. I thought I was crazy. I mean, how does a person have so many questions and in a split second, all the answers are given? Oh by the way, my mentor was talking to me the whole time (of course I have no idea what he told me) and he had no idea what was happening to me.

The first thing I did besides catch my breath was to visit with my Spiritual Mentor. I wanted to be sure that what I heard, and saw, was what I heard and saw. And was it for me? I mean, I thought there was no way it could be for me. I wasn’t ready to do the job that was assigned. No way.

My Spritiual Mentor being a wise person said, “If you were given a task it is yours to do. Not ten years from now or two years from now. You might not think you are ready but the mere fact that you were given the job means you are.”

It tooks me six months to process what happened. Then it clicked. I knew. And ever since that moment I have known. I know what I know what I know. And even in the knowing there is much that is unknown. But even then there is knowing.

Knowing all is well. Knowing I am safe. Knowing life is good. Knowing that I am being lead. Knowing my job is to support others on their path. I know this. Sometimes I don’t know how to ‘do’ it but I know it will be figured out out eventually. See when you are given the answers it doesn’t mean you will always know which path to take. But you do know that the path is there, waiting for you to start walking.

Well, D there you have it. My answer. There are other questions ‘D’ asked me. I will be answering them in the days ahead. Want to join him and ask me a question or two? Please email me at Rhonda@FearlessLiving or send me a tweet at I look forward to us connecting and engaging with one another.

Oh and don’t forget my speaking tour starting this fall. I might be coming to your area. If you want to be sure I will, let me know via email or tweet. Oh this is sooo much fun.