Money is tight and want to come to a Workshop

From a frustrated Fearless Fan:
I need to honestly ask why are your prices so high? What about those who have the desire to change their lives but are not fortunate enough to spend $500.00 on a workshop? Or can not afford to even teleconference with a coach.

Rhonda answers:
Thanks for your question. And completely understand how frustrating it is to want to do something and feel like you don’t have the funds to accomplish your desire. Boy, I know that one. I am sure we all do especially with the tough economic times this country (and world) is going through. Yet, there are some solutions and some hope!

One of the reasons I am embarking on the Fearless America tour is that I want to come to you, to your town. to your community. Please check out the Fearless America Tour page on It should be up today. And check back often because cities are being added all the time. (If your city isn’t on the list, you might want to consider sending an email to to find out how to make it happen).

Now, regarding workshop prices. Ours are comparable to other programs out there and in many cases less expensive because we believe in offering specials throughout the year. For instance, this fall we are running a workshop special: 2-for-1. That means you and a friend can split the cost of one enrollment fee. That is a bargain. If you receive our tip of the week you will be informed about all our special pricing. Sign up so you don’t miss the 2-for-1!

And when it comes to teleclasses, we are super inexpensive when you compare us to other programs of similar quality. Similar quality is important. I just read a website last night that said they are the world’s best coaching program and oh wait, they give you a 3K scholarship if you sign up now and oh wait, the program only takes 30 days and you are a coach. Pleeeeeasseee. That is not possible. Any good coach will tell you it takes a minimum of 9 months to become even proficient at coaching much less confident.

The same thing happens with teleclasses. Here goes major vent: I attended a teleconference last week and I got one, count it one, piece of usable information. The rest of the call the supposed teacher was talking about his story and other products. So please do not be lured by the ol’ bait and switch. If they do not have content, if the person is not teaching, if you do not have pages of notes at the end of an hour call that was free you are being suckered into buying something else. Do not fall for it. If you aren’t getting info on the free telecall I guarantee you will not get much information when you attend the paid class (that too will be another bait and switch).

Okay, now I am back from venting. Whew! I just hate rip-offs and wasting folks time. ugh! Now, were was I? If after our specials, our prices still seem out of your reach, and in these economic times we get it, a great way to save even more money is to become a fearless website member and get an additional percentage off plus have access to our member center with tons of audio. That is great learning for a very low price. And once a month myself or another coach leads the monthly member calls. On that call you can ask any question you would like. Anything.

My motto has always been to give everyone access to Fearless Living regardless of their money or time constraints. That is why we have Free or low-priced Fearless Book Groups that anyone can join. Our Program Candidates from our coaching program always need free or low-fee study clients. And for one member price you get a whole library to study. And of course, there is always buying any one of my books and doing every single exercise.

Read Change Your Life in 30 Days and if you actually did every exercise you would be busy for a few months and be changing your life at the same time.

So it is your choice on how to study Fearless Living. We have created options for every price range now its up to you to decide if you are ready to do the work.

Hope that helps! And look forward to seeing you this fall during the Fearless America tour. Most events are just $20 bucks. Check out the website for more details!