Message Boards

Oh Message Boards, Oh Message lovely are your connections……
(sung to: Oh Christmas Tree)

For the past two weeks, our message boards have been up and running again so we could test some new features and see what you all had to say about some specific topics. We value your input. And I am glad to say, the FLI Tech Team is busyingly working on getting them up and running for good. It is exciting to experiment with ways to support the FLI Community.

As I stated before, we took the message boards down a few months ago due to continuous challenges with certain individuals using them for their own gain and for their own benefit in a way that did not serve the entire community but rather, harmed it. For instance, we had one person who wrote under three different pen names and had conversations with themselves (as if they were different people) to stir up the message boards. We had another person trying to sell FLI folks stuff. That is unacceptable here at FLI. The message boards are for authentic conversations and selling on a board that is meant for support or having three pen names is anything but fearless. So please know, what our intention is and has always been: to figure out more ways to support you on your Fearless Path.

In that vein, I would like to remind folks what the purpose of the message boards will be, once again. They are to give and receive support, get your questions answered and hopefully, connect with a new friend or two.

When the new message boards become live…we will be enforcing vigorously the message boards guidelines. There will be no exceptions. Because the boards have been misused in the past, and the FLI Community at large has had to suffer, that will be unacceptable in the future. There will be no reprieve for anyone.

Please note: If you have read the message board guidelines they are basically guidelines on proper etiquette on a message board. Nothing else. Almost every website has them. They don’t restrict what you say but they do put guidelines on how you say it, i.e. no attacking, no name calling, etc. It supports polite behavior that allows you to have a voice but not stomp over everyone. That’s basically it.

So please know, we are not here to stifle you but just the opposite. We want you to express yourself but not at the expense of harming anyone else. So polite behavior please. Speak your mind. But no bullying.

That has, and always will be, our commitment. Therefore, we are hoping to create a community forum that will serve you but also protects the integrity of FLI.

That is our intention. We look forward, as always, to serving you more effectively and with greater and greater impact.

And be on the lookout for some exciting additions to my blog…I am learning to podcast…and any day now you will be hearing my voice in addition to reading my words.

Again, as always, your support, belief and continuous commitment to your own Fearless Path inspires mine. I am grateful.