Merry Christmas

What does Christmas mean to you? For some, it means presents and holly. To others, it represents Jesus. And still others, it means very little but perhaps a day off for the national holiday. Whatever it means to you, I invite you to use it to focus on the meaning of your own life.

As humans, we tell stories to give meaning to what we do and say because we are all searching for meaning. Underlying it all, we are all living by our values. And those values, give our life the meaning we hope to have or a meaning that we were hoping we’d never have to face. But there is meaning, nonetheless.

What meaning do you want your life to represent a day from now? A week or even a year? What do you want your name to mean when anyone hears it? What imagines do you want your behavior to conjure up in someone’s mind and heart?

When we think about how we show up in the world to ourselves, to our loved ones, to strangers…I hope it gives us pause. Thinking about how we show up is a step in self-awareness, self-choice, self-love. It isn’t meant to make us paranoid but it is meant to wake us up to the choices we make unconsciously.

Let’s face it…all of us are unconscious sometimes. The more we come to terms with it, the more we can face our lives consciously, awake and aware. That isn’t always easy but it must be on our path if we want to own our wholeness.

Now, we are already whole, complete, amazing human beings. But most of us don’t use our wholeness to live our lives but only use parts of ourselves. The more we bring our whole self to the table of life the more we can partake of the pleasure, the joy, the peace that is available to us.

And owning our wholeness gets us in touch with the true meaning of who we are and our place in the world. I want meaning as much as the next guy. And I also realize my search for meaning can be a double edge sword. I can make up stories to give my life meaning that have nothing to do with the reality that is present. (I think that is how most of us live.) Or I can look at the reality that is in front of me, and find the higher truth, the deeper meaning that can guide me on my spiritual path.

A few days ago I started writing my fifth book. It scares me and that is good. It means I am hitting the bones of my soul. That works for me and hopefully, it will work for you.

I am attempting to tell the deepest truth possible and allow the meaning hidden behind the story to shine. Yes, I want my life to have meaning. But I also know, secretly, that it already does just because I am alive. To benefit fully from that meaning means I must keep telling the truth, again and again and again. Until I hit rock bottom.

This holiday season I ask you to join me. Ponder the questions offered and before stepping into 2008 know that your life has meaning and plenty of it. Then start watching, carefully, it will show itself in the most unexpected places. And isn’t that what life is about? Surprises! Ahhh, yes. Surprise me life. Surprise me!

May this holiday season be infused with the meaning of the holidays…sharing, caring and loving. May you see it everywhere you go. May you feel loved. May you feel worthy. May you feel the peace of the season.

I am sending love to you and yours….but mostly, to you! xoRhonda