Merriest of Holidays 2009

This holiday season may we all experience the peace of the season. This is my wish for you, for me, for the world.

Knowing that all we reach for is aiming us toward the peace we long for, this year I invite you to write down all the things you have done to move your life forward in the direction of your dreams.

Whether that’s taking better care of yourself physically or pumping up the action at work or slowing down and practicing being conscious in every moment, any and all are forward movement.

Forward movement can be confusing. Most of us think of it as ‘doing’ something that produces ‘results.’ While I see the logic in that, yet it is not the whole story.

Many of you know that in the last two years I have laid down more than ever before, cried more than I have in years and generally felt less than wonderful. And all of it was forward movement.

Crying let me release the past. Laying down helped me heal my body and soul. My less than wonderful feelings opened me up to seeing more of the truth of what I must let go of and what I must accept to be more of who I am meant to be.

I know this to be true.

This holiday season I ask you to count your movement, regardless of your perception, as movement forward. I know all of it is leading you somewhere and so many times we have to experience down before we can go up. And up and up we will go.

Relaxing into that way of thinking about your life will increase your level of peace and help you stay in the present. I also know this to be true.

May peace prevail this holiday season. May you give up worrying what others think. May you let go of living anything less than your truth. May you accept the fearless spirit you are and know all of this, every minute of your life, is adding up to something that will inspire and delight you. May you fall in love with your life again and again. This I wish for you this holiday season.

Fearless Blessings, Rhonda