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Rhonda has been interviewed hundreds of times on television, radio and in magazines and newspapers. Here’s a few of her media interviews:

Fearless Poll:

Rhonda Britten and Fearless Living Institute began conducting polls of their fans and members.

Here are the results of these polls:

What frightens you the most?
Losing your home 7%
Losing a loved one 51%
Losing your health 30%
Losing your savings 7%
Losing your pet 6%
Totals 574 people responded

Rhonda’s Media Reel
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Do I Look Fat? Photo shoot

Rhonda & Dr. Stan – Radio
Life Bites – Web

TIME Magazine names “Starting Over” in their “Six TV Shows not to Overlook” Nov/Dec issue 2005
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Rebirth in the Afternoon, LA Times
By Kate Aurthur

Suffering housemates try to reboot their lives on ‘Starting Over’ — day after day. On a humid summer day in New York City, Rhonda Britten, a life coach on the syndicated daily reality series “Starting Over”, was in a boutique in SoHo.
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Rhonda Britten on Fear, Coaching and the Industry
Choice Magazine cover article
written by Brad Stauffer, CPCC

If you’re acquinted with Rhonda Britten, you probably know her story: Growing up, her childhood fears were magnified when she…
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Rhonda Britten on fearless living, God, diets and being your “magnificent self”
The Bleeping Herald On-line Magazine
WTB – How did you form your Fearless Living program? It’s not just something you pull out of your back pocket and say, “I’m going to do this.”
RHONDA – Yeah. One morning I woke and said, “I’m going to save the world from fear.” No, what is now my program called Fearless Living was really evolved over time, and it really was a step-by-step process of my own healing that ended up supporting and transforming other people’s lives. Read the full article….


Rhonda Britten: Help Me, Rhonda!
Goodhousekeeping Magazine cover article
written by Juliann Garey
On her TV show, she helps women face huge challenges. What makes her qualified? The Family tragedy that nearly destroyed her.
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Rhonda Britten: Healing the Masses, One Viewer at a Time
Balance Magazine cover article written by Linda Sivertsen
It doesn’t matter how close I watch the life of my friend Rhonda Britten; she never ceases to impress the hell out of me. In a mere six years, I’ve seen her go from …
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Starting Over with Fearless TV Life Coach
Body Fit Magazine, By Terra Wellington
You may know Rhonda Britten. She’s the ever-calm-yet-assertive life coach on the popular “Starting Over” daytime series that NBC recently renewed for a second season. She advises, motivates and guides a diverse set of women (who live under the same roof!) to make extraordinary changes in their lives every weekday on national television. Read the full article


Starting Over, Minneapolis Star Tribune
By Kay Miller

Rhonda Britten remembers the weeping skies and the sound of quabbling in the bathroom, as usual. ” I walk outside to get in the car. My mother was right next to me. It had been sprinkling all day. My mother says, ‘Stay on the porch.’ ” That’s when she saw her father pull a long gun from his trunk, cock it and aim. Stop, stop! she screamed. “Daddy, don’t do it!” Read the full article…


London Sunday Times
By Danny Danzlger
Rhonda Britten, 40, the life coach, author and television presenter, was raised in the American Midwest. She recalls how she witnessed the violent deaths of her parents when she was 14 years old. Read the full article…


The Love Coach, MarieClaire – Australia
by Jacqueline Lang
“I don’t use chemistry as a decision factor – it is the most unreliable way to choose a man,” says dating guru Rhonda Britten. Read the full article…


Shape – UK
By Suzy Greaves
What stops you living the life you really want? No, really. Think about it. What’s actually stopping you from getting off the treadmill and heading off to create your ideal life? Read the full article……


‘Starting Over’ Helps Women Achieve Dreams
By DERRIK J. LANG, Associated Press Writer
Rhonda Britten and Iyanla Vanzant, the life coaches from the daytime reality series “Starting Over,” hope to take the desperation out of housewives one woman at a time. “There’s no place that gives people hope,” says Vanzant. “People are suffering. They need hope. ‘Starting Over’ gives them hope.” Read the full article…


Are You a Desperate Housewife?
Profile Magazine By Maria Akl
A whopping 23 million people spend their Sunday nights with ABC’s Desperate Housewives. Are you one of them? Do you find yourself thinking: Oh my god, that’s so me. I am desperate for a way out of this monotony.
Rhonda Britten, Life Coach on NBC’s Starting Over and founder of the Fearless Living Insitute, offers tips to take control of your happiness and live the life your soul intended. Read the full article…


Fighting the Fear
Boulder Daily Camera By Christine Wolfram
Fear: It can be mild. It can be paralyzing, breath stealing. It keeps people off airplanes, far from mountaintops, distanced from loving relationships. Fear can stop you from living the life you want. ” If there’s a ‘but’, there’s probably an emotional fear there,” says Rhonda Britten, author, life coach and founder of the Fearless Living Institute in Boulder. “‘Buts’ lead to excuses.” She knows this first-hand, having lived through an experience that could have led to a lifetime of excuses and fear.
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AZ Good Life News,
by Joy MalumphyLearn a Fear Buster Technique from Rhonda Britten, Get Clear and Live True!
An in-Depth Interview with Rhonda Britten. Read the Full Article…..Our Bodies are Our Friends,
OH Magazine
by Ronda Einbinder
With her latest book Do I Look Fat in This? hitting the bookstores throughout the country, Rhonda Britten, life coach on NBC’s hit show Starting Over, spoke candidly for the second time to OH staff writer Ronda Einbinder. This time she reveals new insights about the people in the.. Read the Full Article….

Survivor: To Thyself Be True
PrincetonInfo, by Kathleen McGinn Spring
If your career is stalled, you might not need to enroll in an MBA program, switch jobs, or take on more projects to impress the boss. There’s a good chance that the problem is not your company, your managers, or your lack of advanced degrees.
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From Fear to Faith
Daily Word
I was a 14-year-old planning on being a minister when my father and mother decided to divorce. ; Even in this time of uncertainty, I felt as if God and I were one-we were buddies. I had started a youth group at my church, went to teen summits, and handed out “God leaflets” everywhere.
Several months after Dad had moved out of our house, he came over to take my two sisters- Cindy and Linda and me to a Father’s Day brunch. Read the full article…


From Fear to FearlessnessThe West Australian By Keith McDonald

DuckToday’s Women Magazine

Tragedy To TriumphThe Sun Herald by Jill Fraser

If You Believe in Yourself, You Can Do Anything!First for Women Magazine As Told to Amy Capetta

Turning the Wheel of FortuneThe Sunday Herald By Anna Burnside

I Forgave My Dad For Killing My MumThe Mirror Magazine By Elaine Lipworth