Mail Call

When I shared part of my spiritual journey with you, I was reticient to do so. And for good reason…I have received thank you letters from folks as well as some that are no longer interested in Fearless Living because of what I shared because, in their estimation, their God is not my God. That saddens and frustrates me but I also understand that individuals have their boundaries, their values and their rules. And sometimes, as human beings, we fail to live up to what others would like us to be.

I have had my share of love mail, hate mail, thank you mail and angry mail. I have heard stories that break my heart while others make me jump for joy. And always, I am honored when someone takes the time to share themselves with me. I know what it takes to reveal something that you have yet to tell another living soul. I get it.

Right now, I am enjoying hearing from each of you regarding your faith and how Fearless Living has supported you on your spiritual journey. Feel free to email me at:

Please note: I am about to go on a 12 day Vision Quest which includes a 6 day solo journey in the woods. Need I repeat that means I will be in the forest alone, by myself, no one else, nadda. I am excited, anxious and longing for this time. I do not know what it will reveal I just know I am supposed to go and discover something about me, about life, about Fearless Living.

As always, I will share the outcome of my journey when I return. Until then, please know your stories matter, your path matters and above all, you matter.

Stay Fearless…..Rhonda