Join a Fearless Book Group

Everyone needs support; it’s a huge challenge to be Fearless alone. Fearless Book Groups (FBGs), formerly known as Fearbuster Groups, provide a built-in network of people just like you who are working to adopt the principles of Fearless Living.

Our Fearless Book Groups help you:

Stretch past your comfort zone.
Integrate the concepts and Fearbuster exercises.
Work through one of Rhonda’s books, Fearless Living, Change Your Life in 30 Days, or Fearless Loving.
Stick with your intentions by holding you accountable.

Much like book clubs, FBGs choose a Fearless book to read and then meet to discuss it. Each group has a Fearless Book Group Leader who helps guide the conversation. This person also decides whether sessions will be free or available for a small fee (usually from $5-$20 per session), how often everyone will meet, and how long each meeting will be, so schedules will vary from group to group.

Most FBGs meet every two weeks or so—in person or via phone—to discuss Rhonda’s books and support each other in building passionate, Fearless lives. Meetings usually last an hour or two over a period of six to twelve weeks, and they give you the opportunity to work with like-minded friends who are eager to break out of old, negative patterns.

FBGs are a fun, easy way to get started on your Fearless lifestyle.

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FIND a Fearless Book Group Find out about nearby groups, or groups that meet via phone.

START a Fearless Book Group Learn how to organize your own study group and become a Fearless Book Group Leader.