JJ the Life Coach

JJ the Life CoachCFLC II, Today’s TMJ4 Ask the Expert Life Coach | Milwaukee, WI | ph: 414-732-3320 | www.JJtheLifeCoach.com | jjfred@gmail.com
Fear may have you thinking like a caveman 75% of the time! Modern life’s stress, worry and obligations throw us back into the primitive section of our brains. Stop living like a caveman & find the joy, freedom & wholeness of your perfect self!


JJ Frederickson-CFLC changes lives by making the powerful connection between stress and the caveman brain. Her clients learn to shift out of their caveman brain’s primitive thought patterns and move into their advanced-thinking perfect self.

She is WTMJ’s Life Coaching Expert on Milwaukee’s NBC affiliate and is currently working on her first book tentatively titled, “Stop Thinking Like a Caveman and Start Living Your Perfect Life.”

JJ has a BA in Broadcast and Electronic Communication from Marquette University, with a Journalism emphasis. She’s been a writer and editor for Southern Lakes Media and a news reporter for WIN-TV and WMIR. She was also owner and founder of Sage Street Dance Company.

As a Life Coach, JJ has truly found her calling, “Life Coaching brings everything in my life together. Talk about accessing my perfect self! I get to pull together all my skills and experiences to help people reduce stress and fall in love with their lives. It’s amazing!”

Milwaukee, WI
United States
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