I don’t know where to start…

There is just so much to share with you I just don’t know where to start….

Starting Over has completed taping for the season…so yes, I know everything that will be happening from now until May but no, I will not tell you…no matter what you offer me. Isn’t it better to be surprised and be part of the process? I think so. And don’t feel bad, I don’t even tell my sisters what is going to happen.

So with Starting Over off my schedule I am presently preparing for the LA Marathon on March 19. That is tough. I wasn’t able to run for almost a month due to my illness. Starting up again, running after a break like that, is taking all the discipline I can muster. But that’s exactly why I decided to run the marathon…I wanted to push my body, and myself, to new heights and losing a month of training is definitely an opportunity to see if I am really committed. I am. You will see me on March 19. If you are in the LA area I sure would appreciate your support along the course.

Last Sunday I ran ten miles…with some walking….and this Sunday I am attempting to knock off twenty miles. Patience and self-love are the key now. I can’t push myself too much or I could hurt myself but I have to push myself enough to catch up with my training schedule. Listening to my body right now is paramount. It isn’t happy. My butt is aching. My legs are screaming “you have got to be kidding me.” And still I run.

Training for the marathon is teaching me something I never learned anywhere else…it is showing me how to have a true partnership with my body. It is new territory for me but remember, I want to be adventure girl and embracing my body regardless of how I feel about it is supporting me in achieving that goal.

Oh and let’s not forget the five pounds I gained with all that bedrest. Yikes! All I keep saying to myself is “love myself, love myself, love myself.” Lucky me. Another opportunity to practice looking at myself in the mirror and loving myself regardless of how I feel at any one particular moment.

And love…..ahhhhhh! Let’s just say I will write more in the weeks ahead about Mr. Like-A-Lot. He is flying out to Los Angeles next week to drive back to Colorado with me. What fun!!! A roadtrip!!! An adventure!!!

We all know how roadtrips can be and we all know how they can be with a new man….it could be great or a complete disaster. I will soon find out and of course, tell you everything.

Don’t forget to preorder “Do I Look Fat in This? Get Over Your Body and On With Your Life” due out March 2. As a reminder: My publisher determines the amount of books printed based on preorder sales on Amazon.com so if you are able, it is appreciated.

Until next time…sending love, light and laughter. May each of us know the love of being alive and be grateful that we get to be who we are.