I did it with a lot of help!

Finally I have access to a computer. I have been so excited to share my first marathon experience with all of you but as many of you know I am still on the road for a few more days but I managed to finally snag a friends computer. YEAH! (I will write more when I get back home at the end of the week but for now…..) What an incredible experience. I don’t even know if I can do it justice. Imagine for a minute thousands of strangers cheering you on, “Go Rhonda” “Looking strong Rhonda” “Keep going Rhonda.” Now imagine there are groups of brave individuals carrying bright yellow smile faced balloons with t-shirts on saying, “Go Rhonda Go” and they are at every mile marker between mile 7 and mile 21…and they hand you bananas and pretzels and water and run along side you telling you you are doing great…imagine that! WOW!!!! That was what moved me the most while running my very first marathon…the support, the love, the kindness.
Kelsey was in charge of organzing anyone who wanted to support me at the LA Marathon last Sunday, March 19th and let me tell you KELSEY ROCKED! She had a phone tree that would let everyone involved know my exact location. When I turned the corner heading toward mile 7 and saw the yellow balloons flying…well, my heart just leaped and my feet ran faster. To see folks there for me, some I had met before while others I hadn’t…every mile became an opportunity to get connected, get some love and get some much needed food/drink. It was a miraculous experience and one I will cherish forever. I know many took photos so as they become available I will make sure we create a page on the website so all of you can, hopefully, see what it was like. I can’t thank everyone enough…from the folks who were physically there with me on that day to the emails of encouragement I received to the letters and notes and just the plain ol’ love. It was has been a lesson in receiving and it has been life changing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me to run my first marathon because now I can see it wasn’t about the running at all…it was really about the love. Thank you for being you. I am grateful and blessed.