Home At Last

Since we have spoken last, I’ve been to San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, Austin (to teach that rockin’ Body Bootcamp – “Do I Look Fat in This?) and Los Angeles (for the Emmy’s). I think there were other cities I visited but right now everything is just a blur. I have one more city on my agenda, Chicago, THIS Tuesday and then my schedule frees up a bit for some Rhonda time…okay, and some love time. 🙂

I did bring my sister Linda, Andy Paige and Mr. Love-A-Lot to the Emmy’s. We lost but I felt like a winner with an incredible dress designed just for me by Cibeline Sariano (www.cibelinesariano.com). Andy Paige, Cibeline and I ran around New York choosing fabric and then for three days straight I practically lived in Cibeline’s hotel room while she (and her head seamstress Lucy) whipped up the most beautiful dress ever. I felt like a million bucks. So with Mr. Love-A-Lot in a tux and me in my daring dress, do I dare say we looked hot? I say, Yes!

Boot Camp was another highlight of the month. For five and a half days my latest book, “Do I Look Fat in This?” came to life. The changes in the women (and man) were incredible to watch. You just felt the shift in how they felt about their body, you could see it too. It was an honor and I can’t wait to do it again! We are thinking of November so mark your calendars to check the schedule on the website in about a month for all the details.

Mr. Love-A-Lot and I are still going strong. We are in the midst of re-doing his house so I get to satisfy my nesting needs and home urges. There is nothing like picking out paint samples for hours on end to ignite your creativity.

Well, I’m on my way to Chicago bright and early tomorrow morning. I hope to see you there….otherwise, now that my computer is unlocked from my storage unit you will see me with more regularity right here. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you in the days ahead….

As always, practice staying fearless….