xxHire A Coach

No matter what dream you would like to achieve, our coaches are here to support you. Coaching can take twenty years off the learning curve of life. Don’t waste another second.

All Certified Fearless Living Coaches (CFLCs) have completed the same in-depth training, though some have additional training in areas of particular interest to them. And you can count on our coaches to be on the cutting edge since we are the only Coaching Training Program that requires our coaches to obtain Continuing Education Credits on a yearly basis. That means you can be assured that every CFLC is learning, studying and growing to be the best coach they can be. The icons below identify the CFLCs training level.

A Certified Fearless Living Coach has graduated from the most comprehensive life coaching training program in the world and the only program that specializes in helping you master emotional fears. They have proven that they have extensive knowledge, understanding and know-how in the practical application of the Principles of Fearless Living in your life. A CFLC demonstrates a clear knowledge of coaching skills including: creating clear boundaries with their clients, ability to stick to the client’s agenda, active listening, powerful questioning techniques, and creating an accountability system with their client.

A Certified Fearless Living Coach- Level II is a coach who has continued to advance their Fearless skills by studying a second book of Rhonda Britten’s and has proactively used their new tools in both their personal and professional life. They have more than 250 hours of coaching experience.

A Certified Fearless Living Coach- Level III is a coach who has studied and implemented three of Rhonda Britten’s books into their personal and professional life. They are coaches who truly walk the Fearless Path and desire to provide their clients with an expansive set of tools. CFLC III’s have more than 500 hours of coaching experience.

A Certified Fearless Living Coach- Level IV is a coach who has achieved the highest level of certification through the Fearless Living Institute. They have a deep desire for mastery and excellence as they have personally and professionally explored four of Rhonda Britten’s books! They show their love and enthusiasm for the Fearless Living work by coaching more than 750 hours.

A Program Candidate is a coach who is enrolled in the Certified Fearless Living Coaching Program. Program Candidates work through three phases along the way accumulating a minimum of 100 coaching hours, over 20 hours of mentor support, facilitating Fearless Book Groups and Community Talks while being tested as they move through each phase of the program.

Most Fearless Coaching is done by phone so it doesn’t matter where you live. Rates will vary by coach, though your first introductory session will be free. All CFLCs charge a fee for all additional weekly or biweekly coaching sessions.

Your first task is to figure out what kind of coach you need—each one has a unique personality and coaching style.

Choosing the Best Coach For You

  • Schedule free introductory coaching sessions with at least three CFLCs.
  • Be truthful and open. Give your coach the power to help you by sharing your real concerns.
  • Ask yourself how you feel after the session. Of course, the truth can hurt, but if you feel empowered, you’ve found your coach. If you feel deflated, keep looking.
  • Schedule your first official session within one week of your first meeting with a coach. This will keep your momentum going.
  • Show gratitude to your coach, and yourself. Together, you can change your life for the better.

The Choice Is Yours

It’s time to invest in the life you have to get the one you want. There are three easy ways to start looking for a coach today:

See a certification coach directory.

Or if you’d like our help in matching you up with a coach, please email Office@RhondaBritten.com