Happy Gratitude Day

Today, I am grateful….

Every year on Thanksgiving Day I set aside some time to write down 100 gratitudes for the year. That’s one hundred things I am grateful for.

It could be a moment of awareness, a new way of seeing something through another’s eyes. It could be a gift I have been blessed with by another of time, talent, love or money. It could be a healing received from the universe or God or the truth.

Writing down one hundred gratitudes may seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Unltimately, it is freedom itself. It is one of the most powerful proactive things one can do for oneself.

Think of it this way: It is a self-assignment that builds your self-worth and self-esteem giving you more self-confidence and courage. Gratitudes help put you on the bright side of life.

Think of a moment of synchronicity or an unexpected miracle or a kindness from a stranger. All opportunities of gratitude. What about the time you almost fell on the stairs and you caught yourself or someone was there to catch you or you held on to the rail and you didn’t fall at all. That’s a moment of gratitude. What about that spare change you found at the bottom of your purse or in between the cushions of your car seat that saved you from a parking ticket? Or what about the last time someone else picked up the dinner check, the coffee or waved your money away because they were paying this time. All moments of thanksgiving.

When someone pays for my meal. I am richer. When someone smiles at me. I am happier. When someone compliments me. I am lighter.

It is through others that we learn who we are, what we believe and what we are made of. We do not live in a vacuum regardless of what we think. We live together, all of us. And doing our daily gratitudes can improve our relations with the world a hundred-fold.

Perhaps 2010 could be your year to focus on gratitude. It is the skill you want to master because as you do, your world enlarges, your heart opens and you see yourself with the most loving eyes, your own.

Let’s start together. I will go first. And as I always say, be specific. Being specific gives your gratitudes power.

Today, I am grateful for….

Today, I am grateful for my sister Cindy sharing her grief with me. Today, I am grateful for my niece Deena who sent me the most miraculous text message yesterday about taking over for Oprah. Today, I am grateful for my niece Rachel asking me to help with her wedding. I was honored. Today, I am grateful for my sister Linda who shared her home with me this past year lovingly and openly. Today, I am grateful for my ex-Mr. Alabama who showed me that breaking up can be a heart opening and loving experience.

Now, it’s your turn. What are you grateful for? Who are you grateful for?

Today, I am grateful…..

May your heart open and your self-love soar. May this Thanksgiving truly be a time for you to experience the generosity that permeates life itself.

In deep gratitude, Rhonda

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