Forgiveness Series taught by Rhonda Britten

Forgiveness matters.

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong. – Ghandi

Do you find yourself obsessing about a past relationship?
Do you have regret about something you did in the past?
Wonder what the heck is going on with your body, and your health?
Maybe you’re even mad at that body of yours?
Can’t figure out what is holding you back from feeling good about money?
Or maybe you have experienced a traumatic event that needs to be healed?

Perhaps, like me, you’ve been avoiding the one thing you must do.

It was 14 years after my parents died that I came face-to-face with my father. I had tried everything to get rid of him haunting me night after night except the one thing I had refused to do. Forgive.

Not only can I attest to the powerful healing I received when I finally whispered in my dead father’s ear,”I forgive you” but I am also a standing testament to what’s possible if you are willing to forgive yourself. That’s what was hardest of all…forgiving myself.

I didn’t think I deserved to be forgiven.
I didn’t believe I had a right to happiness.
There was a part of me that thought I wasn’t good enough, pure enough, loving enough, successful enough to be forgiven.
And they hadn’t suffered enough and, God forbid, I let them off the hook.

Does any of this sound familiar?

How much pain and suffering are you enduring right now?
How much stress? Worry? Guilt? Regret?
Are you sick of low self-confidence or self-worth?

Forgiveness is the answer.

Scientific studies and research are now jam-packed with the proof, evidence and stories about how forgiveness heals us. We can no longer deny it’s power. And yet, it is the one act most of us refuse to do even though we KNOW it would heal us, help us, support us, and set us free.

Because it’s scary to forgive.

We aren’t sure what’s gonna happen.
We worry we will lose our boundaries.
We are afraid we are going to make friends with the ‘enemy’ again.
We don’t want to feel all those feelings again.
And we don’t know who to trust.

My parents died their horrific death on June 15th. This year will be 38 years since their passing and I want to honor them for the gifts they’ve given me. Yes, I said gifts. And the power of forgiveness is one of them.

What I’ve learned is forgiveness is not just for your heart, it also effects your health and your money. And yes, heals trauma.

Do you have any stress? Research shows the impact forgiveness has on overcoming stress.

Want to be happily married or open your heart to love? Once again, forgiveness heals our hearts so we can love again.

Uncomfortable with your body? Maybe you are even mad at it for getting sick. Or upset that it doesn’t respond the way you’d like it now that you are getting older. Body and health are critical to our happiness but we must forgive our body in order to love it again.

What about your finances? Do you keep having the same issues about the ol’ devil money? Do you think it is the root of all evil or maybe you know better intellectually, but deep down you hate that you have to deal with it. My client Cara is debt free and financially free because she forgave herself. She let go of the past shame of her less-than-steller money handling and now has the financial means to travel the world. Forgiveness was the key.

Crazy right? That forgiveness has such powerful positive effects in so many areas of your life. And I am barely touching the surface.

Forgiveness is a skill you must learn in order to have true happiness that lasts.
It’s just a fact. Forgiveness matters.

So how do you forgive and make it stick? First off, you must be willing.

If you bring your willingness, I am going to walk you through the steps on how I forgave my father, my mother and myself as well as show you how to use forgiveness to have better health, more money and build your confidence.

Ready? All you have to be is willing. I will take care of the rest…

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I’ve made it as simple and as easy as I can to share all I know about forgiveness. It’s now your turn to take action. Without action, without doing something different, things won’t change. Without forgiveness, I would not be who I am today. Join me and leave the past behind.

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Buy the entire SERIES and receive 3 Exclusive Bonus Interviews

BONUS: When you purchase all three classes at the reduced price of $97, you will receive three BONUS interviews with Forgiveness Experts:
Fred Luskin, Bonnie Barnard and Jennifer Hadley.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS INTERVIEWS: (I handpicked my favorite Forgiveness Experts who walk their talk)

Fred Luskin is a Stanford Professor who has completed extensive research on the training and measurement of forgiveness therapy. He has the scientific research to back up my claims, and experience, that forgiveness works.

Bonnie Barnard has traveled the country sharing her love of forgiveness. She will share her practice of forgiveness as well as show you how to heal stuck emotional states that become frozen due to trauma. She considers herself the cheerleader of forgiveness.

Jennifer Hadley is a spiritual teacher who teaches what she lives. She will share stories and processes about how money can be healed when you make forgiveness a priority.

If you’ve ever attended any of my classes, you know there will be plenty of time for coaching and support for your individual challenges.Forgiveness is what freed me from my shame of my parents deaths and the blame I burdened myself with for years. Man, I was mean. I punished myself. Didn’t let myself be happy. Oh I could on about all the damage I did to myself…Please take me up on this offer…let me support you in your journey of forgiveness. You don’t have to be scared. You won’t be alone. Let’s do this together…

Forgiveness Matters. Allow it to heal your life.

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By the way, once you have a process of forgiveness and a willingness to forgive, the skill is yours for LIFE.

Learn to forgive once and use the skill for a LIFETIME.

Join me for this FIRST-TIME EVER SERIES.

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June 13   Forgiveness and Love and Relationships     $37
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June 20   Forgiveness and Body and Health    $37
Thursday, June 20 at 6pm pacific time for 90 minutes

June 27   Forgiveness and Money, Money     $37
Thursday, June 27 at 6pm pacific time for 90 minutes

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Forgiveness healed me. Allow it to heal you.