Feeling Better?!?!

I have been sick for over two weeks. If you listened to me on the radio, I am sure you heard the clogged throat, sniffling nose and general head stuffiness. And I want it to be over.

I know I am not alone. Just know that as I am feeling better I will be back here writing about Life Coaching, Fear and Fearlessness and discussing some topics that are rolling around in my head.

So please know, I haven’t forgot about you. I just haven’t been able to actually write anything that makes sense…the head fog thing came with being sick. Kinda feels like I am in a tunnel or fog or in the clouds.

Once the fog clears, you will not only be reading more about Fearless Living but you will be hearing more as well. I am going to be adding podcasting so make sure you have your mp3 player ready because soon you will be able to download some exciting new additions from our member center as well as right here in my blog.

Until then, I am going to down some more Vitamin C and try to get sleep, again. Cough. Cough. Sniffle. Sniffle.