Fearless Book Group Guidelines

    • Set sharing time. Give each person three to five minutes to update the group on their progress. This gives them time to share, but also leaves plenty of time to learn and interact as a group. Use a timer to hold everyone accountable.

  • Pick support buddies. Ask members to choose a support buddy, someone they can call between meetings. You can switch support buddies from meeting to meeting, or stay with the same ones. It’s up to the group.
  • Have an intention for each meeting. It may be a chapter, a principle, or a topic, like relationships or career. It’s a good idea to begin with the chapters of Fearless Living. After you’ve completed Fearless Living, consider going on to study Change Your Life in 30 Days or Fearless Loving.
  • Discourage cross talk. When one person is speaking, do not interrupt. They may be sharing something sensitive, so honor them and their process by practicing active listening.
  • Don’t give the answers. Allow each person in the group to request help or to find their own path. Don’t push them through their fear—support them.
  • Allow for fluid leadership. Whether or not there is an official leader, all Fearless Book Group members are responsible for the overall success of the group. Therefore, some groups choose a new facilitator each week, giving everyone in the group an opportunity to practice leadership.
  • Practice compassion and accountability. Be sensitive to one another’s needs, but give honest feedback that will help group members move forward.
  • Have fun! Fear is no longer an emotion to shy away from. Embrace it, master it, and you’ll begin to recognize how fear can be your friend.

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