Fearless America Tour

Letter from the Fearless America Tour!

I’m so deeply appreciative of your message in Nashville on Wednesday night. I’m the teacher who wasn’t sure which way to head career-wise. Knowing that the fear was not me was so powerful for me and helped me so much today. I felt like I could conquer the world! Anytime I felt fear come up, I named it and it dissipated. I even wore a red dress I’d had in my closet for years and never worn cause it was too dressy for school. I love the confidence it gave me (give my thanks to Andy!).

So anyway, as the morning goes on, one of the employees from our central school board office comes by my room. She has heard that I’m not planning to come back next year. She tells me “the kids neeeeed you.” I tell her that I don’t want to be neeeeeded that way by 140 kids (instead of feeling guilty). Then she lets me know that they’re looking for funding for a senior coach for my high school (a senior coach would help mentor seniors in danger of not graduating) and thinks I would be perfect for it. Now…I’m intrigued. This could be kind of like life coaching. This could be a way to take Rhonda’s class…. and REALLY be making a difference in a student’s life. I tell her to keep me in mind and keep me posted. (I later also let my principal know that this would be one way I’d consider staying.)

Without what you said last night about being open to staying with the school system in some way with some new tools, I don’t know that this interaction would have occurred this way (LOA, you know). For the first time in months, I actually have hope that I can still make a difference in students’ lives without burning myself out.

And for that, my dear Rhonda, I thank you.