Fearless Living Mentors

The Fearless Living Mentors are the corner stones of our coaching program. They fully know, understand, and live the Fearless Living Tools and Principles. They maintain the highest level of training that the Fearless Living Institute offers. Our mentors model, role play, listen, ask questions, teach, and coach in support of solid integration of both basic and advance level coaching skills.

We ask that our mentors exhibit mastery in three areas:
* Personal Integration and Integrity
* Coaching Skills
* Communication skills to teach/mentor from a place of compassion and accountability

Are you:
* Wanting to be the best coach you can be?
* Curious about where your coaching strength and challenges are?
* Thinking about up-levelling within FLI or going for your PCC or MCC?
* Interested in knowing more about being a FLI Mentor?
* Want to experience a variety of feedback and perspectives on your coaching?
* Looking for a Mentor to work with you on the Wheels Approval Process?

This is your chance! Many of our Mentors have made themselves available to ANYONE who wants to take a look at how they are showing up as a coach and who are curious about where they can grow and learn.

A Personal Mentor session is $125. If you would like the Mentor to review an audio prior to your session or you would like to take a 2 hour session to review an audio together, that is available also for $250. Pick your mentor today!

Meet the Fearless Living Mentors

Below is a list of our Fearless Living Mentors who you can pick from. All of our mentors can support you with Wheels Certification and improving your coaching skills. Who would you like to work with? Set an interview up with them today!

Marta Weiskopf, CFLC IV, Head Mentor, Founding Member of the Fearless Living Institute. When Rhonda needs a coach she calls Marta. Her compassionate heart and intuitive insights support you in becoming a masterful coach. Ten years of coaching experience, mentoring PC’s, supporting survivors of rape and domestic violence, body/holistic health knowledge, offers you mentor support at the highest level of excellence.
[email protected]

Rosie Laughlin, CFLC IV, MS, mentors with compassion, accountability, energy and playfulness since 2002. Yes! All of those things can be woven together! She loves how mentoring allows her to resource her teaching, personal fitness training, counseling, coaching, and facilitating experience into one package. Her delight is to see the highest good and the greatest potential become the truth of your life, your relationships, and your career.
[email protected]

Martha Pasternack, MSN, RN CFLC IV, has a passion for witnessing the beauty and mystery of life. Facilitating Healthy Healing with her proven system of Gentle Medicine and the promotion of Peace on Earth are integral to her life and coaching. Married 25 years, she is the mother of two. 30 years as a Family Nurse Practitioner, Cranial Sacral Therapist, educator, speaker and mentor has evolved into a full time international coaching practice.
[email protected]

Sheri Petersen, MA, CFLC IV, is a mentor who is passionate about supporting you as you journey towards your life and career goals. Utilizing skills learned in advanced education, a former career in social work and training as well as practical life experience, Sheri will support you as you pursue the greatness within.
[email protected]

Susie Peterson, CFLC IV, PCC mentoring coaches since 2002. Her background in teaching/counseling/mediation and an in-depth understanding of the ICF Core Competencies creates a package of mentorship that encompasses many levels. She’s passionate about utilizing intuition to guide the way and supports you in a training process which combines deepened personal and professional work.
[email protected]

Jerilyn Thiel, CFLC IV, PCC, mentors with compassion and clarity, persistence and passion. Her history of 20+ years of coaching, facilitating and mentoring allows her to bring a unique blend of wisdom, perspective and intuition to each session. Jerilyn’s objective is consistently focused on how you can become a more powerful and successful coach by expanding on the full depth of your coaching abilities.
[email protected]

Sandy Goodwin, RN, CFLC III brings clarity, focus, and a structured approach to her mentor sessions. For 20 years, Sandy coached nursing students to build confidence in their abilities and now brings that same gentle, encouraging guidance to coaches. By giving specific feedback and breaking down complex concepts into understandable ones, Sandy supports coaches to develop inner confidence and solid skills.
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