Eliminate Stress From Your Vocabulary

The Greates Weapon Against Stress

If there’s one word I’d like to eliminate from our vocabulary it’s the word: Stress!

Because what is stress?

Emotions unresolved, not faced, stuffed down, ignored and betrayed.

Stress only happens when we are not listening to ourselves, the deepest most soulful space that knows, trusts, loves.

The world tells you to manage your stress. I say STOP MANAGING IT.

Feel it. Love it. Be with it so it can teach you.

Embrace those shattered feelings that are labeled: stress.

Here’s how to cure yourself from stress:

The next time you feel stressed, stop. Replace the word stress with the feeling you have refused to name.

Admit what you feel. Own it. And for gosh sakes, don’t buy into the baloney that you should only have positive feelings.

If that was so, we would never grieve, feel loss or grow deep into the soul of our scared self.

Do not stress. Feel instead.

Feel everything. And then, choose to act on your commitments.

That’s the Fearless Way.

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Nobody wants to be stressed and most people knew how to deal with it while there are some who do not know. That’s why, as a Psychiatrist for such people I would like to recommend you TMS therapy for reducing Stress.