Do I Look Fat in This?

Just the mere thought of publishing my next book has me excited and scared to death. A book on Body Image? Including my body image? It is amazing how fearless you can think you are and then you risk in a new area and you are newbie all over again. That’s how it feels for me as I am on the verge of completing my fourth book: Do I Look Fat in This? Get Over Your Body and On With Your Life.

I can tell by the ranking of my latest book on Amazon that all of you have been graciously pre-ordering the book. Thank you!!! It helps tremendously with the number of the first print run as well as the monies the publisher will invest at publishing time. But be alert! There is another book with the exact same title on Amazon so please be sure to check the author rather than just the title. (Mine has three photos of me on the cover so you can’t miss me!)

Starting Over…Watching Jessica move through the grief of her mother has been one of the most touching stories I have coached on Starting Over. And there is more to come so be sure to Tivo!

Wishing you well as the holidays approach. I look forward to connecting on our Monthly Member Call the first Wednesday of the Month. Until then….

Practice Being Fearless…I am!