Change Your Life Workshop

Have you ever wanted to make a fresh start? Have you tried to make a major life change but stumbled?

Change Your Life™ is a one-day workshop based on the bestselling book, Change Your Life in 30 Days, by Rhonda Britten.

In this interactive one-day workshop, you will learn how Trust will bring Focus and Truth will bring Love, which combine to create Action that will allow you to accomplish real change in your life!

Whether you want to change your daily routine, your relationships, or your career, these principles and practical tools will literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

You will learn:

  • Trust. Trusting yourself means you have the ability to trust your mind, your intuition, your spirit, your feelings, your body—you get to trust all those aspects of yourself. You get to choose you.
  • Focus. Once you learn to trust yourself, you are able to connect your passion in life with the direction of your purpose in a way that is unique to you. Life will become an amazing adventure in discovery and exploration.
  • Truth. Lying is a trick that fear uses to keep us stuck; to keep us safe; to keep us small. When we are willing to be honest with ourselves we are able to take control of our lives to change any situation or circumstance.
  • Love. When we tell ourselves the truth, we give ourselves permission to just BE ourselves. Being willing to BE takes courage, the courage of self-love. Our willingness to be ourselves equals our true strength.
  • Action. When you trust yourself, you are able to focus and when you are honest with yourself, you are able to love yourself. When these things combine, we step into our personal power and find the courage to change.

Lots of people stay stuck simply because they either haven’t figured out who they are or they don’t have the skills, tools and resources to be true to themselves. And, once you learn and practice the skills, tools and resources, you can choose to do something different – you can Change Your Life! That’s the purpose of this workshop.