Change, Change, Change……

Even though all of us know change is inevitable, most of us are still shocked or surprised when life goes topsy-turvy. It’s as if we ‘say’ we know change is happening yet do not want to actually embrace it, live it, own it.

Well gang, change IS inevitable regardless of how evolved you think you are. Actually, the more aware you are (my definition of evolved) the more you notice the change, try to open to the change, yet are resistant to the change nonetheless. (That’s the time our brain is rewiring itself.) Because we are human beings on the fear train and fear wants to keep us safe above all else and change is anything but safe.

I have been facilitating a teleclass called FLI and The Secret. Frankly, I believe most folks who are gobbling up The Secret want their problems to be solved pronto with a little magic potion not recognizing that the way they think, feel and behave is the problem. And the cool thing is those things are under our control. It is our filtering system that we must alter, not who we are at our core. That is perfectly wonderful and amazing.

Just calling something a problem IS a problem. I mean, what if you could no longer label something a problem? What if you no longer called any feeling ‘bad’? What if you decided to give up fixing yourself and instead, decided you were okay exactly as is? I know, I know. Scary. I know you think you don’t like parts of yourself so contemplating accepting them is the last thing you think you want to do.

Those ideas are simple in concept yet boggle the mind when we attempt to put them into practice because we are wired from fear. Let’s face it, most of our parents told us some version of “Don’t go near the water Johnny. It’s dangerous” rather than “That water is moving pretty fast. Let’s talk about the choices we have regarding our experience of the water.” See my point? That just didn’t happen. We were told what was scary and what wasn’t. We were told what we should do and not do. We were told many things but rarely were we shown how to think and feel for ourselves. And that mechanism is ingrained in us at a very deep and profound level. BUT IT CAN BE CHANGED.

But changing it includes shifting the way the connectors in your brain come together because it is your experiences in life and how you respond to them that determines who is running your life: fear or freedom. And sadly, most of the world doesn’t even know how their brain functions let alone what is running it.

They just think and think that their thinking is right therefore, must be right for everyone. They have no idea about filters and brain networks. They have no idea that they are practically brainwashed unless they decide to take back their brains.

This is important stuff. As you practice the skills and tools you learn during the Fearless Foundation Workshop or by listening to the audios in the member center, your brain literally needs time to rewire. Patience, compassion and space are the keys you need to actually shift how you experience the world.

You must KNOW that it is happening regardless of how things feel or appear. You must practice TRUSTing the process of change. Change is good it just doesn’t feel that way when you are going through it because again, your brain needs time to rewire to make sense of it all.

I invite you to join me and practice being patient with your process of change. That is what I am practicing right now. I am going through a huge upheaval and know that patience, compassion and space are exactly what the doctor ordered. So that is what I am giving myself. And from experience, I know it is not easy. Yet, I am worth it. So I am doing the best I can.

Perhaps you are ready to believe you are worth it too! Repeat after me: patience, compassion and space. Patience, compassion and space. Patience, compassion and space…ahhhh, yes. That’s it. Patience, compassion and space. The gifts I give to myself and hopefully, the gifts you gift to you

Patience, compassion and space…..oh my!