Celebrity Fit Club

In a mere two days, Celebrity Fit Club will begin airing its seventh season yet it will be the first season that they will have a life coach kicking each celebs emotional butts. Yes, Harvey will still be taking them to task physically but now I have the good fortune to support you, through supporting them. I am the happiest woman in the world.

Kevin Federline, Bobby Brown, Shar Jackson, Sebastian Bach and the rest of the celebs were so courageous and so open. I guarantee their journey will have you cheering and maybe even crying. 🙂

After the last two years, it is good to be doing what I love at such a hectic pace. Between Celebrity Fit Club and the Fearlesss America Tour, I am smack dab in the middle of Fearless heaven.

I hope you are planning to join me on the Fearless America tour. I am just jumping every day will excitement about each city I am sharing my Fearless message with…

On each Fearless stop you will be hearing, for the first time, the new theme of Fearless Living. Yes, it’s true. A song written, song by and produced by one of my own coaches. And it rocks. I have been listening to it over and over again.

I will be sharing for the first time in Boston on Tuesday, Feb 9th. And don’t forget Andy Paige is joining me on the tour. You truly will experience Fearlesslessness inside and out.

And in honor of the times, and my pocketbook and yours, the Fearless America Tour has been designed with budget in mind. Twenty bucks to get in, and couches for me and Andy.

We still need help spreading the word. Help with posting flyers, emailing flyers to your friends/family/facebook/twitter and telling everyone you know. With your help, the Fearless Revolution(tm) can become a reality. Find flyers under each tour date on this website as well as on facebook fan site.

Join the Fearless Revolution(tm)! :)Rhonda