Book Number 4

Well, the website is up and running. And with any new venture there are kinks to be worked out so please be patient as we once again, for the hundredth millionth time (thank you Beth and Steven) double check and triple check every link, etc. Who knew it takes several days and even weeks for a website to be working properly once it has been moved from the test site to the so-called live site. An education indeed.

And I am getting quite an education. In less than 24 hours my fourth book is due at my publishers: “Do I Look Fat in This: Get Over Your Body and On with Your Life.” It is my most personal book to date. I’m excited. Nervous. Scared. And all of it feels wonderful.

I hope everyone is enjoying the couples relationship bootcamp. I do. It is enlightening work.

And please let us know how you like the website. It has been in the works for over 9 months…and we are so close to it we don’t know what to think. So please join the message boards and tell us what you think and give suggestions to make it better.

Our ears are open. We are listening. Love to all. RB