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Ready to make NOW your turning point …?

This is by the far the most important offering I have ever made. In fact, I have never made it before. Yet, with all the rampant fear going on with the elections and with the end of the world looming (thank you Mayan Calendar), I could not sit idle by and leave you out there alone. (It’s time for a Kick Start, a Boot Camp, me and you…)

I know what it’s like to live with fear creeping in on my mindset and I do not, and will not, let you live that way if you are ready to make a change.

I decided a long time ago that my purpose was to support people who are ready and willing to do the work necessary to shift from a fear-based mindset – one of lack, limitation, excuses, blame, self-sabotage, to name a few – to a freedom-based mindset – where confidence is high, self-love is a given and results are pursued and achieved.

But to move from a fear-based mindset to a mindset steeped in freedom, you must be fearless…

Because freedom isn’t for the faint of heart.

Freedom is a path that few travel.

I mean, look around you. All the procrastination, complaining, confusion and negative self-talk stem from a fear-based mindset. So does perfectionism, overwhelm, worry and that good ol’ frozen feeling. And let’s not forget busyness. Busyness with no real results is completely fear-based.

See why you need to be fearless? Just to be able to stop all the input coming into your world and instead, be able to know what YOU want. And then have the courage and confidence to take action on what works for YOU? You bet you must be fearless.

Skills aren’t enough. You must shift your mindset. And to do that, you must have tools and a path.

Now when it comes to that trickster fear, I get that you may not ‘feel’ afraid.

It’s a fact that most of us don’t think fear is running our lives. I know i didn’t. I just thought I had bad luck, unfortunate sucky circumstances, and no real support or resources.

I was flat broke. Dumped. And suicidal. Let’s just say things were bad.

But this is the cool part: I don’t feel that way at all any more.

I feel loved, supported and successful. I now trust myself and my decisions (and I get how hard that is to do).

Aren’t you sick of trying to live up to other people’s expectations?
Aren’t you tired of trying to keep up with some invisible set of rules for life?
Don’t you want to be done holding yourself back?

I know how it feels to disappoint yourself over and over again.

Sure, you can pretend to brush it under the carpet but you and I both know that only works for so long. So how much success do you want? You can have it. Once your mindset is based in freedom – almost anything is possible. But what I care about even more is that you live a life that is yours … Fully and completely.

I know that sounds so cliche. But it’s the hardest thing to do if you are doing it alone.

See, I did it virtually alone. And it took me 20 years to get my life on track. I don’t want that to happen to you. And it doesn’t have to take you 20 years.

Are you hanging on to your seat? Because I’ve got some good news…

What took me 20 years, can take you a mere 30 days.

I’ve laid it all out. I went back and figured out every step I took and now, I want to share it with you.

But I get sharing it isn’t enough. It’s a great start. Major results can happen by just reading my books. But to truly catapult your life. To truly kick start it to another hemisphere. To get rid of all that self-sabotage. You must be held accountable. Your feet must be held to the fire. And you must have a mentor that can lead you through the dark spots… The tricky corners of fear.

Consider me your mentor.

I didn’t read a book to figure this out. I walked this path myself. I KNOW this path.

I know the pitfalls and how that trickster fear wants to keep you exactly the same. Fear does not want you to change. Period.

Good news: I know fear better than anyone else. In fact, I created the only method to mastering emotional fears that exists today. But that’s another story.

Right now I want to get you going and get you free from your past and silence all that baloney paloni you tell yourself.

It’s time for the Change Your Life Kick Starter, Boot Camp,
30 Day Challenge experience…
that will bring you to your knees and take you home!


Do you get you might need some support navigating the dark side of fear?
Are you willing to show up every day for YOU? Not me. YOU?
Can you, just for a second, believe that the area you’ve been stuck in can be jarred loose?

Nod that head. Because if you are still reading this I know you know what I’m talking about.

All right then. Lets get down to business.
I’m going to share exactly what we are going to do together so you are absolutely clear. I want you to know what you are in for so you can truly get behind it.

I’m not going to say every day will be easy but I will say that your determination and willingness to do the very best you can will give you results. Most likely unexpected, miraculous results. That’s what I hear from clients over and over again.

They are shocked by all the changes that happen so quickly.


After day 3, I was changing already. I never gave myself this much attention before. Rhonda was right. Change your life is life changing.
– Sarah Hallman, Pilates Instructor

My favorite class of all-time. This was THE class that finally got me off my butt. And Rhonda was right there when I was freaking out. I can’t recommend it enough.
– Jack Danston, Business Owner

I didn’t think this would work. It was really my last resort. But having Rhonda on the phone every day, made the difference. It gave me courage. I can’t explain why. I guess I just didn’t feel alone anymore. Take it.
– Gerilyn Franklin, Financial Consultant

I have not taught this course LIVE in YEARS! Take me up on it please. You WILL change your life.

Okay, here goes:

Change Your Life in 30 Days Training Program

Every single day for 30 days, you and I are going to hop on the phone together (or you can join me via internet) and I am going to teach you ONE TOOL a day. ONE TOOL that, when used, will significantly impact your life. And not someday in the future, but the VERY DAY YOU USE IT.

That means the month of November is poised to be YOUR BEST MONTH ever.

Imagine practicing and embodying a new tool a day so you can walk into the holidays with confidence plus what could be possible for 2013? I KNOW! Let’s just say your life can only get better and better.

When do we start?
Date: November 1
Time: 7am pacific (8am mtn, 9am central, 10am eastern) for 30 minutes. (And if you’ve studied with me before, I have a tendency to go over. I just love answering YOUR questions.)  That’s right: 30 Minutes a Day for 30 Days. Imagine what you could achieve being so committed to yourself for 30 days straight. With support to boot!

(And don’t worry if you can’t make every single class, you will automatically receive each day’s audio to download and to keep FOR LIFE!)

What can you expect?

Every morning you and I will join the rest of our classmates on the phone (or you can join via the internet) for 30 minutes. You will get the TOOL of the Day plus an assignment on how to use it that VERY DAY. I want you to start embodying the 30 Tools I am going to share with you on DAY ONE!

You will also receive reminders throughout the day to help you stay focused and on track. Plus at the end of each day, you will receive an end-of-the-day email that will help you debrief and process your experience so you can OWN IT.

Every day feel free to download the audio replays so you can listen over and over again. Keep them for LIFE. They are yours to keep!

Oh and let’s not forget about our special secret Facebook Group where we can interact with each other every single day for 30 days. (See, I told you this was good!)

Here’s a sampling of the some of the topics:

  • Day 3: Build your Confidence Muscle
  • Day 4: Purpose and Passion
  • Day 11: The Myth of Balance
  • Day 14: Regrets
  • Day 15: Ask for What You Want
  • Day 16: The Power of Words
  • Day 24: Forget Motivation
  • Day 25: The Gift of Rejection
  • Day 28: Beautiful You

Unless you have a set of tools, and know which tool to use when,
the life you want WILL stay out of reach.

Having tools is critical to your success in love and business. Don’t doubt that for a minute.

And knowing fear inside and out is the foundation of everything. So for this ONE TIME OFFER – four days ONLY – you have an opportunity to own TWO Programs for the Price of ONE! Let me lay out the pricing so you can decide whether to take advantage of this special bonus!

What’s your investment?
I’ve always wanted to do tiered pricing. You know, the kind of pricing that has flexibility depending on your current financial situation. I know I sure needed that type of grace once and a while in my life. And I also know, when I’ve taken advantage of tiered pricing, I’ve always given back to that group or organization. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the Law of Circulation.

I want you to think of your current financial situation right now. Be honest with yourself. I don’t want you to spend money you don’t have. BUT I also don’t want you to rip off of the Law of Circulation. So please honor yourself and be fair to your finances.

Here are your options:

Investment Option #1:  $300
BONUS: Fearless Living Training Program access for 1 year. That’s a ($279 value).

Change Your Life in 30 Days Training Program. 30 Minutes a Day for 30 Days for $300. I will be your mentor for $10 dollars a day. (Private clients pay upwards of $1K) ***Oh and you can do a 3 payment plan or 6 payment plan to make your investment easy.***

And if you fully invest in yourself, you receive a BONUS!

When you pay the full price for the Change Your Life kick starter program of $300, your $300 investment includes a BONUS!
Your BONUS: One year access to Fearless Living Training Program (value $279)

That’s right, you will receive BOTH the Change Your Life Training Program AND the Fearless Living Training Program for ONE PRICE: $300 bucks. (and you can make payments!)

What if you already own Fearless Living Training Program?
You can always transfer your free Bonus to a friend or loved one. Give it as a gift. Spread freedom!
Just contact Colette at and she will happily set up a gift account.

So are you in?

Yes, Rhonda. I am IN.

These two programs together are the foundation of all things Fearless.

Fearless Living Training Program shows you how to master Fear.
Change Your Life in 30 Days is the tool kit.
Both programs together ARE Fearless Living.

To learn more about Fearless Living Training Program, click here. And then come on back here to take advantage of this Special Offer available for FOUR DAYS only!

Change Your Life starts November 1st.
You will have access to Fearless Living Training Program for ONE YEAR.
Plenty of time to take advantage of both Training Programs.

You can do this. I will help. Promise.

Investment Option #2: $200

If $300 is way too steep and your ability to buy gas would be impaired,  choose this option and invest $200. You will receive the FULL Change Your Life in 30 Day kick starter Training Program. This is the option to take when you need financial assistance yet you also know investing in yourself is exactly what you need to do. Two payment option available. Payment plan is on 21 day cycle.

Click here to make your Investment of $200.
You will be taken to your check out page and it will state $200 as your purchase price. Then, get ready. Class starts November 1st!

Investment Option #3: $100

If you are scared to admit you need this option, USE IT. But please only use this option if you really really need it. You know who you are. Your finances are worse than tough. And you also know you need support right now more than ever. If that’s you,  please use this option. It’s here for you. Make an investment of $100 and the Change Your Life Training Program is yours! (Two payment plan option is available. Billing cycle is every 21 days.)

Please join me and make this Investment in yourself of $100. Click here to sign up now.
You will be taken to the check out page and it will have $100 as your purchase price for Change Your Life Training Program. Class starts November 1st.


The Law of Circulation is a powerful thing. Honor it and it honors you. Choose the investment plan that works best for you. I don’t want money to stand in the way between you and FREEDOM! So come on. Join me. Choose the investment plan that stretches you yet takes care of you. This is going to be good!

You can do this. I can help. Let’s do this together.

Let’s get Fearless!

p.s. If you aren’t sure you can follow-through and keep the commitment for all 30 days, sign up now. That’s EXACTLY the reason TO take the Change Your Life Training Program. If you don’t think you can count on yourself, let me teach you how. Let’s do this together.