Be Fearless! Workshop and The Secret

I just got back from the Be Fearless! Workshop and I have to say…it rocked! Why? Becaused I slowed everything down. It almost drove the participants nuts in the beginning because they wanted me to tell them all the secrets immediately. But that’s not quite how manifesting a Fearless Life works.

Instead of speeding up, I had to slow it down in order for them to understand at a visceral level how to move from fear to freedom. It was exhilerating and the participants were having more than insights, they were experiencing cellular shifts in the midst of two days of doing the work rather than talking about the work. How cool is that!

If you remember, the idea for the Be Fearless! Workshop came to me during the meditation retreat I attended over the New Year. And it can definitely be a New Year for any of us! And that’s what I wanted the participants of Be Fearless! to experience…a sense that they can start over whenever and wherever they would like. Or should I say, whenever and wherever they choose. Because that is the key: to deeply understand the word ‘choice’ and how powerful that word is.

And that brings me to The Secret. That too takes some deep understanding. I have been studying and living The Secret for almost two decades. Many ancient texts do describe it in their own unique way but for the past century no one has had to work that hard to find out about it. Just go on and you can find scores of books about it. The best being from Jerry and Esther Hicks. The first time I studied with the Hicks, dare I confess, was probably around 1989. They ARE the Law of Attraction in my book.

Watching The Secret was inspiring yet frustrating. I mean, every one of us right now, is an expert at the Law of Attraction. We are doing it in our daily life all day long. And making a conscious choice to attract what we want isn’t quite as easy as sounds. That’s why I have decided to share with you the secrets I have learned when it comes to truly manifesting the life you want. Because, in essence, that is what Fearless Living is all about…creating the life your soul intended.

So just like in the Be Fearless! Workshop, during The Secret two-part teleclass…I am going to slow everything way down and answer your questions and share some secrets of my own. 🙂

If you have questions on The Secret, I want to answer them…so please email me your question at and in the subject line write: The Secret. During the two-part teleclass, I will do my best to answer what’s on your mind.