Back in the Saddle

I am feeling so much better. Whew!

I feel like I just completed a trip through a wind tunnel and I didn’t know for sure what would be lost in the journey and what I could hang on to. I did lose some things, that is for sure. Some I willingly surrendered and others felt like they were ripped from my hands.

The journey over the past year is what I will be writing about in my fifth book. To build my writing skill (I hope, I hope) I just completed six classes at the University of Iowa Writing Workshops. I spent the entire month in Iowa City. Yes, the river was high and there was much evidence of the enormous devastation due to the flood.

Next, I am taking the month of August and writing, writing, writing. Starting in the fall I will be teaching again, working with private clients and I am going to be offering a twice-a-month teleclass called Coach the Coach to support coaches to become better, great, fantastic, the best-ever coaches.

It feels good to be back in the saddle. Thank you for waiting. 🙂