To say I am overwhelmed by your response to my last journal entry would be an understatement. Thank you for your willingness to take the time to reach out and connect.

So much has happened: from my heart being opened just putting words to paper, to moving through the fear of hitting the ‘publish’ button, to the emotional upheaval with every loving comment you made, to the clarity of purpose when a “what the hell are you doing” comment showed up. It has been healing and has caused a revolution in my soul.

The last few days have swept me into a vortex of love and a renewed authenticity and acceptance has been awakened. Fears that were well hidden have come to the surface. Long-held beliefs that no longer serve me are being discarded. Insights are being embodied and my relationship with God has taken on a new hue. I had no idea it would bring me so much goodness. I had no idea that the foundations in which my relationships rest would be shaken to the core.

Over the next week, I am going to unravel the process I experienced. Not in any particular order, just as things came up. I am going to start with a comment that tore my heart in two (in a good way). Cracked it right open. It’s about my mother. I’ve only experienced my mother in a visceral way a time or two since her passing 36 years ago. Your comments changed that. For that alone I am eternally grateful.

Please watch for my post tomorrow, Sunday. It was my mother’s favorite day.